1 sentence app ideas - Please add 10 ideas


Here are 10 app ideas, can you think of 10 more? I want to show you how to make fun apps!

Share an “app name”, and add a one sentence description for the app (or existing app).

  1. Push-up Counter - Audible counting app for exercises like push-ups to keep you on pace.
  2. Kitchen Timer - Serve hot dinners — know when you need to start making dinner.
  3. Kitchen Converter - Quickly convert measurement units when scaling your favorite recipe for a crowd.
  4. Daily Goal Tracker - Start a habit by committing time to work on your goal every day.
  5. Meme Generator - Create internet meme’s in seconds with text and picture composition.
  6. Hangman - Make a rope-based word guessing game using physics.
  7. Color Wall - Design colorful screen savers using colored tiles with gestures and continuous animations.
  8. iPhone Font Preview - Explore typography on your iPhone.
  9. Animation Heaven - Try and tweak physics-based animations on your iPhone.
  10. Photo Board - Play with your camera photos using multi-touch gestures.


Hi Paul,

First thing that comes to mind is

A multi level game, that can be easily expanded

What I mean by that is : a game with levels, (what ever the game is, it can be killing an apple for level 1 for example, then killing an apple and a banana, then 2 apples, etc, without any logical pattern/link), for which it would be easy to add new levels with updates. Levels being generated through external files containing datas (fruit type, position on screen, color).

This is just an example, but I imagine the game “cut the rope”. I would think that the game engine is created, the effects, the design, the account creation, saving etc. and then, levels would be generated in regards to level1.ini, level2.ini etc that contain the level info. thus, levels can be added with updates very easily and not hard coded in the app.

is that possible ?

Thanks for any help !


Hi Paul. Here is a simple app idea that could be very useful.

I would call the app ‘Social Updater’ and the app would allow you to post an update to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (maybe other social network).

Simple to do but it would allow people to learn about integration with external social networks, learn more about the vast API that’s built into iOS and maybe allow addition of other social networks for extra credit.



An app that uses the NFC chip abilities. Maybe also integration of iTouch.


A Tinder kind of App. Meaning …

  • build a profile
  • Chat section between 2 persons
  • manage 10x pictures + 1 as showcase
  • left right up down swipe actions
  • like or not button
  • build stats
  • connecting a DB PostgreSQL or Mongo DB or Parse
  • etc.

I think this would cover 80% of what we needs to learn for any apps. I also think it would be great to build something over 20 days than starting from scratch on many little projects.

Cheers !


An integration with one of the famous social web application will be great (Facebook, twitter, Instagram…etc).


Hi Paul,

How about a sound generator app.

An app that has a collection of different sounds. They can all be categorized. Also a section that gives you the ability to distort the sound of your voice or any recorded sound you pick up on your phone.



Here are my ideas:

  1. Quick Timer/Stopwatch - The user is able to add and modify multiple timers and stopwatches that can all run at the same time.
  2. My Slideshow - this will help us learn how to work with Photos, Time Intervals, and Music. The user can import their own photos, create intervals and add music for a simple slideshow.
  3. Lighthouse Finder (or anything that you can generally find in multiple places) – This will teach us how to use Maps. We can learn how to possibly pull information such as searching light houses in Maps, being able to display that as a list and being able to show the locations on a map. Another additional feature would be showing information about each lighthouse corresponding to the name found on the map.
  4. Simple Calculator - I know this can already be found on iPhones, (Not iPad though) but it will be helpful for some extra practice working with numbers in apps and also being able to work with data (Numbers) that the user can input. It will also be a good way to work with a lot of buttons in labels because of the layout of a Calculator.

I know they are simple but they will really help us learn about some different things to work with in iPhone apps.


I’d love a Public Space Scavenger Hunt app that friends can sign up and join a team, and use a GPS marking feature to mark locations visited, towards a team collected total. Compete against other teams, or just accumulate a personal ‘been there’ list.


Spell It? - Voice to Text App that also shows the definition of the word

Tired of going to google and trying to spell something when I could just say it.

May be simple but I think it would be cool



5 apps:

  1. Photo Gallery: swipe left / right to navigate through a list of photos, tap to full screen one of them.
  2. Persist It (Keyboard version): write anything, save, come back later, read again, delete, rinse and repeat.
  3. Persist It (Out and Loud version): the same as above, but using your voice.
  4. Where Am I: in a map view (native map), shows a pin with your current location, share it if you want.
  5. Rate Me: shows your FB friends, one by one (cycle them via swipe gestures) - select one feature from a dropdown (say, cuteness, friendliness, sweetness, kindness, whatever) and give it 1 to 5 stars.

5 games:

  1. Flappy Thing: clone of the dumbest game ever, Flappy Bird, but with the character of your choice. For didactic purposes.
  2. Ball Maze: a ball maze game.
  3. Gooooalll!!!: use your finger to kick a ball, try to score; gravity may apply. Multiplayer for an extra challenge. Concept here.
  4. Janken: rock-paper-scissor classic game. Concept here.
  5. Sniper: a game where you shoot stick figures using a sniper lens. You are a nervous sniper, so your lens shake a little (plus the breathing movement). You must pull the trigger at the right time. The stick figures could move to right or left, increasing the challenge. Concept here.


I like the Calculator idea.


I came up with 10. But I don’t know how difficult or easy they would be to create.

  • Flash Cards - A flash card app to help memorization
  • Baseball Count - To keep track of the Balls, Strikes, and score for a baseball game.
  • Random Word/Phrase Generator - Generates random phrases with the start of the app or button press
  • RSS Feed - Not a complete reader, but just displays one feed only.
  • Screensaver - Display images with animations as a slideshow. Just select images to use. The app does the rest.
  • Fitness Progress - Keep track of progress of user defined fields, such as time, or reps, and display progress using graphs
  • Weight Tracker - Same as above but geared towards keeping track of body weight
  • Password Protected Notes - A notes app that is protected by a password/Touch ID
  • Quote Widget - An app’s sole purpose to put a user’s quote, or inspirational saying in the today screen as an extension.
  • Countdown - Display multiple countdowns to special days or events


Thought of one more

Hello Server - A simple app that shows us how to connect to servers and databases for saving things in the cloud and other locations


Inbound - Select a route you will take and contacts to notify via your favourite communication method. Have the phone automatically contact these people when your location is within a certain distance of your destination. Hands free.

Snipet of the day - have an app that provides one useful snippet of code per day. Let people comment and enhance it.

CalMon - Apples calendar alerts suck. Monitor the calendar and trigger events to behave like Apple alarms

MyJunk - photo and voice annotated inventory application

Carnival games - Shooting Gallery, pop the balloons (darts), basket shot, whack-a-mole

Rocky’s Boots (remake) - teach digital logic to kids

  1. Photo enhancer - an app that allows you to choose a photo from your gallery, or take a photo with the camera, apply a blur with a slider, or add a decal (text, hats you can resize with pinch, other decals) on top of the photo, then posts it to your instagram account and twitter and facebook.

  2. An App that can take in and display a RSS feed.

  3. An app that uses pictures or images as buttons, like circle image buttons, not sure how this works i can give you an example of an app im talking about.

  4. a simple instant messenger app that connects to parse.com or light streamer (or equivalent)

  5. a app that stores data and recalls data from 3rd party or DB like parse.com or your own database

  6. location based app, search for restaurants in your area, like zomato

  7. Card animations, swipe like tinder, flip like flash cards.

  8. Using UIAlert views and capturing the input data or buttons pressed, for allowing permissions or getting an email address

  9. an app that uses the accelorometer to measure speed (punch game) or a leveler app to see if a surface is level.

  10. recording sounds, and using sounds, like a soundboard


I like the Tinder clone idea @pascalandy suggested, because it really covers a lot of functionality we haven’t seen yet.

Some other ideas:

Simple Alarm - Just an alarm app. Set a new alarm, edit an existing alarm or delete one. And of course, make the alarm go off when the time is met (would be a great example to teach us CRUD operations in Swift).
Social Status - It’s been said before, but it’d be great to log into Facebook (or register) and post an update.
Music Player - Play songs from your iPhone, with the ability to pause/play, queue, repeat/loop, shuffle songs
Beer Me - Search for nearby bars and lookup directions with (Google) Maps
Chatbox Send invites to friends to enter a chatbox where you can send messages and pictures


Hi Paul,

Here some ideas.

  1. Simple expense tracker by category and a pie chart, just enter a Month, Category of a list, Amount and a Memo.
  2. Sing Up and Sign In process, maybe is not an app, but this process will very useful for everybody, a small form with Email address, First Name and Last Name. This data can be verify on a database (MySQL)
  3. Product Calatog, a list of products by category with detail view (Product name, photos, price, shared button, product description, rate item)
  4. Youtube downloader, copy the video ID and download it to play later when not wifi or internet connection.

I leave my suggestions, I hope will be of interest and use to all and can teach us Paul. Thank you.


a simple puzzle where the pieces snap into place or one like this http://mypuzzle.org/sliding


Hi Paul,
BTW, very glad to have found your kickstarter project - look forward to the rest of this and the apple watch course.
Three ideas:

  1. Custom notification app: User interface that allows one to customize the type of notification/alert that is triggered by some action X. For example, I specify action X = 11/01/14 10am. UI lets me customize my alert/notification (e.g. choice of a plain popup message, video file, music file, animated gif…) which will trigger on that day/time. Optional: And I can also have this sent via text message to others that I choose.
  2. Panic Button: a button or gesture that triggers a text message to people that I designate.
  3. I can’t remember that person’s name app: I sometimes forget names but I do remember faces… So, take a photo with iphone, tag person with name or other information, catalog photo in album w/datestamp and location. Now when I can’t remember the name of someone I met, I can find their photo and remember.