1 sentence app ideas - Please add 10 ideas


Hi Paul -

How about:

  1. Slap Yer Face On It! - Basically this app would allow you to take your pic, isolate your face and then put the face on anything else on another picture. You could then send this out via social media/email/text. Got this idea after watching my boys drawing their faces on our dog and cats using a picture on their iPad. (Note: They were not actually drawing on the animals…just want to make that clear!)
  2. My Tube Channel - An app for a specific YouTube channel that only pulls in a specific channel. Got this idea from my youngest son. He has his own YouTube channel modeled after PewDiePie’s where he does game reviews and wanted his own app that he could give out to his followers that would allow easy access to only his channel and that he could brand as his own.


Thanks for all the great input!

This really helps me think outside my own space.



Any app that sores data locally to use at a later time. All the apps thus far have used data that is programmed in or entered in real tims

An array app using mutiple columnsand rows that displays the data in a spreadsheet layout

  1. Storytelling - capture recorded stories with the ability to share them through social media channels like youtube, facebook
  2. roulette app
  3. log book for documenting travel experiences
  4. design portfolio app
  5. app for couples that combines snap chat, sexting, and some form of vibration to mimic a heartbeat
  6. Message in a bottle - time capsule app for future generations or for your future self
  7. Tinder kind of App like the one @pascalandy describes
  8. a contact book that is customizable with editable fields and photos
  9. gps app that lets you know where the closest taco truck is located
  10. an app that incorporates shaking (magic 8 ball), breathing (fog writing on mirror), and rotation features of iPhone that could be used for a game.

Timothy Morse

  • Location Based list of Restaurants App
  • Shoppling Lists App
  • City Tour Guide App
  • Wine App

  1. SpamORamma. An app that uses location services to find an store that sells Spam
  2. OrderMe. An app that concentrates on accepting a payment for something
  3. IdeaArena. An app that receives ideas for apps to build and allows for users to vote for the best.
  4. uhhhhh. Brain has shut down for the night......


For my spritekit student app I want to port an idea I had partially developed under Unity for a jigsaw type app to iOS native. So would need to learn how to handle jigsaw puzzle type operations or use a third party library if one existed?


1 Poker or Card multiplayer game - for great gaming logic.
2 App with Parse and or Facebook integration - for managing data through internet
3 A chat box app - for a better interaction inside apps.
4 Push notification app - for learning push notifications
5 Game with use of tilting and parallax - for learning more user interation besides buttons
6. App for screen capture. - for recording game events or other important instances inside the phone.
7 App using in-app purchase - making use of different kinds of apps.
8 App using location and maps - for location logic
9 App that uses bluetooth - for using hardware other than camera
10 A youtube/vimeo clone app - for using video viewing inside an app


Grocery List - allow user to track their purchases & expenses


My ideas:

  • FavoritePlaces - save your favorites places on a map (google maps or apple maps) with description and photos.


I could not think of 10 ideas for now, but here is some ideas.

  1. Diary App - simple txt editor & add picture function, search function, sort list out by most recent & oldest.
  2. Random Person Generator - randomly generate a person, variables: gender (50%), age, nationality, weight, height (use p-value in statistics). idea could be extended to rpg game character generator (gender, race, class, level, etc…)
  3. Dice Number Generator - random dice number generator, options from 1 to 10 dices, number of sides on a dice (e.g. 4~20). Show individual number and combined number.
  4. Favorite Internet Viewer - make 5 tabs on bottom (like a App Store App or Music App style). 4 tabs for individual internet sites & 1 tab for settings) can save 4 favorite website or forum on each tab to easily switch between websites. Any application with bottom 5 tabs would be nice. I want to learn App Store App like viewer application.

Thanks. =)


I would like a session on how to use databases in iOS apps such as grocery lists, inventory lists, packing lists, etc., including drag-and-drop manual sorting of lists.

  1. Quickest - Fast text. Similar to this but better. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cardzilla/id623346823?mt=8
  2. QuickDiscountCalculator = Calculate with the cost and percentage only.
  3. How to write - For disability kids to learn how to write alphabet
  4. Trampoline game - Bounce until you slip off. Not sure if I can do this but I will try my best to make one.
  5. Alarm vibrator - Need to connect the blue tooth from the shaker device. Good for deaf and hard of hearing people.
  6. Sew line - Similar to this. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/circle/id911152486?mt=8 Must follow the line…
  7. There is more but I forgot. I’ll add later.


I have three types of apps that I hope this course can cover…

[1] Drawing Tools on Google Map/Apple Map - To draw directions, signs, symbols or graphics onto a background layer, derived from GPS-based location map.

[2] Health monitoring/tracking App - To track and monitor various types of statistics of users (e.g. time spent on playing games using iPhone, time clocked using internet, number of calls received per month, number of hours spent on TV etc), by tapping on the latest features in iOS8

[3] Goal Setting App with Graphics/Metrics - To allow users to set goals and track his/her progress by display the graphics or metrics e.g. progress bar showing how many percent already completed, whether on track, how many left, all these info shown on graphics/metrics. (example: see link here http://www.pinterest.com/pin/404549978998711146/ ).

I am adding one more… simple e-commerce app that allow owners (of app) to sell their products or items using the app and users can use the app to purchase the product wirelessly. (coupled with Apple Pay or Paypal?) The basic features should have ‘add to cart’, 2-3 screenshots of each product, transaction page, and checkout cart etc.

  1. sign up, collect emails and create passwords to sign into an app
  2. task list, like reminders or things
  3. checkers, so the computer can play against you just random move
  4. etch a sketch, a simple etching app with knobs and a swiper to clear it
  5. emoticon creator, a way to draw custom emoticons and add it to a keyboard
  6. flashcard creator, to help remember facts, add pictures and words to flash cards or clips from the web, flip card for answer
  7. soundboard, drops from a podcast, create a soundboard that you can add custom recordings too
  8. ring sizer, press finger up to screen and get back a ring size
  9. paper soccer, flick the screen to kick for the goal
  10. wooly willy style magnet drop with shake to clear.


a banking application where the user can do transactions such as deposits, withdraws,transfers from one account to another and also get instantaneous updates(notifications) on their balances for each account(i.e. savings, checking, visa…). The user must have proper authentication with a valid userID and strong password for security purposes!


Two apps that do well on the app reskinning business are multiple choice games and a true false game where questions and answers are easy change and add.


Well here goes. Initiating brain vomit:

  1. InRange - use bluetooth to tell of someone is near you, or moves out of range. Like your kids
  2. TapTap - Two people use their Apple Watch or phone to try to tap faster than the other person
  3. Schlock ticker - download stock data from Yahoo financial and show a graph, maybe with some technicals
  4. IdeaTrap - store ideas as sound bytes or text. Tag ideas and search later. sync with mac.
  5. Paint Match - use camera to identify a color mix (Pantone? or does Sherwin Williams publish data?)
  6. Pic Pusher - if someone comes in range, a picture is transmitted via bluetooth, to be transmitted again for another person. Originator gets to see where his pictures have traveled to. One picture transmission per person.

brain vomit rate is slowing

  1. 20 questions - play 20 questions over internet between two (or more?) people
  2. CalCounter - use health kit to graph calories burned each day
  3. Chatroullete - it can’t be that hard to make can it?
  4. RoboCaller - on a trigger (location, time, etc) call someone and play a prerecorded message


Chief, an app idea will come after I finish your course. And may be a couple of more later :smiley: . A comment as a starter: “I am really excited about all this!”


Xchange App
an app that connects to a server and fetch the exchange rates for multiple currencies