1 sentence app ideas - Please add 10 ideas


Hi Paul

First thank you for your amazing/incredible course!!!

Could you please advice or make course about graphic?

Regarding game idea I want tell you that
Planetpaluza looks FANTASTIC!!!

but where is strategy or mission and difficulty in that game
fluppybirds in my opinion was successful because insane difficulty

Planetpaluza is 3d that is more difficult than 2d but in my opinion not enough

My idea is to use planet temperature - the player have to create something (land, continents, ocean, cities? “liveable areas?” , vegetation) to achieve that player has to extinguish fire (volcanos?) and build he rest but that will increase temperature inside planet - lack of volcanos and? the planet growth will increase the planet inner temperature.

The bigger iplanete temperature the bigger risk of uncontrollable volcanic explosion and lost of lands or ocean etc created by player.

You can add also CO2 or other things…

The more oceans and vegetation the less CO2 - player will win credit but huge volcanic explosion will decrease player credit.

That is more than one sentence but maybe will help.


That was a fun game!

We didn’t finish it, so it was more of a tech demo (i.e.: Paint for planet building).

Impulse was a lot more polished: http://paulsolt.com/impulse

I highly recommend 2D games, especially for your first. It simplifies art, programming, testing, and level design. That’s one of the reasons that the plantetpaluza game was never finished.



A lot of great ideas!

Here’s my thoughts:
Photo App: that would include filters, frames, collages, stickers and the ability to add your on text to the photo (All in One App)
Rock Paper Scissors App: One that works on the iWatch and iPhone
Any game app that would include a map like candy crush, I would like to learn how to add maps to a game.
Any app with in-app purchases
An app that would include a subscription in it.


a photo catalog app for the new Apple TV


again, for the new Apple TV: a MyShows app to schedule your favorite shows (day, time, etc) - possibly hook to your DVR for recording scheduling


I had an idea for a game a few years ago called Pollo Pop. A carnival style game were the player uses a water gun to hit bullseye targets to make chickens at the top of the screen to go “pop”. No blood or gore, kinda cartoony. Difficulty increases as the player levels up. Uses Sprite Kit and maybe Gamecenter. Multi platform app iPhone iPad and Apple TV.


I am thinking of an App for time management


Hi Paul

Most of my app will need location notification, local storage and push notification, reminders

  1. Medical App for appointments and storing medical data
  2. Storage Apps for items/food/grocery/inventory or any other staff using BarCode reader
  3. Location map navigation to use for various ideas/tracking/locating/GPS …etc.
  4. Data Management by shacking iphone to store preset information
  5. DoList with Advance features.
  6. Statistics App for data, simple way for comparison of price or any other data listed.
  7. Wifi / Bluetooth App to integrate with hardware and fetching data received in to app
  8. Games with 2D 
  9. VR apps.


adding , # 10 apps that can integrate with devices for health/ temperature



How about a chat based app, where users can chat with a system to discover new restaurants and places based on a fixed database ?



Hi everyone,

I would love to learn:

  • Build app with Parse
  • PDF or epub reader with annotations.
  • 3D game.


Logbook = Inventory + Journal

  • have the ability to import CSV or XML data from existing logs
  • add new journal entries
  • add new inventory assets
  • add photos of assets
  • take photos for journal entry


Contacts app - I’d really like to see a clone of the iPhone contacts app. It shows table views, multiple views, storing data and editing content.

Also, if you could work out how they animate the input boxes when editing a field that would be great.


nice! I really want a tool to calculate how much I can afford to pay monthly with easy iOS sliders (i.e. Brew Coffee controls).


Sounds similar to Fin: https://www.getfin.com/letters/on-bots-conversational-apps-and-fin

The founder of Drop.io (acquired by Facebook) started this new venture.

awesome list! I did a Parse + Facebook demo a while back (4 hours) mostly Facebook setup actually…

Parse is coming in Chapter 5. =)

Sounds good. Let’s focus on one aspect. Either make an Inventory app, or a Journal. That’ll make it easier to get started and more focused on the task, plus a narrow feature scope.

I made something like this in my iOS 8 course with the drill in navigation, not a 1to1 though: http://courses.supereasyapps.com/course/make-iphone-apps-in-swift-for-ios8

You’d need to learn UITableView: https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/TableView_iPhone/AboutTableViewsiPhone/AboutTableViewsiPhone.html

The animations would be awesome. That’s been something I wanted to play around with and teach. Thanks for the insight Mark!


@Paul: Now that Parse is going to be discontinued, will you still teach it or prefer to teach a more futureproof solution?

Parse Shutdown and iOS Apps Backend Discussion

@danb: You are right Parse as a service will be discontinued. However Parse will still be available to use as an open source project - Parse Server. That will allow everybody to install it on their own Node.js server and maintain it as long as needed. So in some sense it could be still used, just some preparation would be needed to use it.

Parse Shutdown and iOS Apps Backend Discussion

This was last updated 2 years ago; as we’re all aware, an app suggestion is very different than creating an app which is solid, bug free, ready for consumers, and approved by the App Store. Suggestions have meaning if the app can be realistically created within the allotted time and resources.

One suggestion is a basic GPS app, which when launched shows a Map with two buttons:

  1. “Save” my current position
  2. “Navigate” to the last saved position

This is a basic single view map app. the two buttons are placed on the map view. Pressing Save places a marker on the map. When pressed, the current position is saved in local persistent storage.

Pressing the Restore button will read the last saved persistent location, then display the map marker and Apple Maps navigation instructions to return to the previously saved location.

The location is saved persistently, as iOS can kill an app at any time.

This app can be used for numerous purposes, remembering a parked car, or other. Granted some of these features are built into iOS11, though these do not work much of the time with certain bluetooth car setups. This app always works, assuming a network connection.


I love it.

While the Maps built in GPS location for the car works with bluetooth, it never worked with my FM radio setup before I had a car with bluetooth.

There’s more than a number of times I forgot where my car was … and ending up searching for a while.

I’d love to have more control about marking a location I want to come back to, and having a quick way to get back to it.

Maps makes it hard, since it only remembers one at a time, so I can never mark two different locations.

Seems like an interesting app to try!