181 iOS Developer and Productivity Tools (for beginners)


Here are 181 tools that I use on a daily basis to write Swift code, research API changes, design UI, edit graphics, write articles, take notes, and record videos with high quality audio.

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Wow this is the most comprehensive list of dev tools I’ve found! Great work.

Incase you’re interested, I make a number of tools for iOS developers myself. If you’d like to give any of them a go I’d be happy to send you a promocode.

One that captions your screenshots https://apple.co/2Ee0s8D

There’s also one the encodes videos for App Previews https://apple.co/2EOWVOw

I could go on but I won’t bore you.


Fun! Thanks for sharing. Could the caption app be hooked into a fastlane workflow?


There’s no command line interface for it at the moment, unfortunately, but it’s on the backlog of features I’ll be building.