Anyone use PaintCode?


Hi, I came across this software called Paintcode (link: The software allow you to design shapes, buttons and UI objects and automatically converts it into code, which can be used in swift.

It seems to save a lot of your work.

Anyone use this before? any comments or views on this software?


I do use it. I love PaintCode. :smile:

Recently I’m using it to create a “pixel perfect” budget app.

The designer does his thing in Photoshop and I Import it to PaintCode. It creates code to generate the images at runtime, vectorial ones. No need to worry about asking for the designer to generate different versions of an image. It’s awesome.

It’s pricy, but it’s totally worth it. You don’t have to think about different screen sizes anymore. I really like this program.

Take a look at some of their videos:
Specially this one.


Hi thanks for the pointer to this application. In Unity I acquired a package that lets you use XAML which kind of lets you do the same thing by taking vector graphics (SVG) and letting you use that in code so you get resolution independence. Will certainly check this out.


the price of the app is slightly on the high side. So I am just checking if the app is really relevant for our code designing work… =)


$100 doesn’t seem like that much money when I was used to sending so much money on the Creative Suite every couple years. Remember, you have to spend money to make money. And anything that saves you some time isn’t always worth it in the long run.

Just looking it over real quick, it seems like a no brainer to get. I bookmarked this and will definitely try it out. Thanks for mentioning it.


PaintCode introduces “Smart Symbols” in its latest version:

Looks good.