App Ideas for Beginners (Where Do App Ideas Come From?)


My latest app idea came out of frustration of not getting things done.

And it's not the only idea I've had . . . Brew Coffee was created to solve one of my problems. I was unable to make consistent pour-over coffee, so I made a coffee recipe app to guide me. I use Brew Coffee ever single day (that's the best kind of app idea).

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Have you talked about how you use Evernote to organize/generate ideas? I looked at the 2nd brain course, but there isn’t a session going on now.


The last 2nd brain course started in November, you could email Tiago to see when the next one is happening.


How I use Evernote would be a good topic.

My basic flow is to capture any idea, write any draft, and capture photos of whiteboards or paper notes using Evernote.

That gives me a medium to keep track of everything.

When I’m using an app for the first time, I sometimes screen shot it and then write comments . . . you can see Red Hot Timer notes (Evernote)

I will say that I lot of notes also start on paper. I need to write out ideas, there’s something that a digital medium doesn’t quite capture when I’m thinking high level or big picture.

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