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Hi Paul, I went to the Genius bar on another issue and asked them whilst there. They suggested uninstalling Xcode and reinstalling as the IOS simulator may have gotten out of sync. I tried uninstalling Xcode, but it’s still the same. I cant see the IOS simulator listed in apps separately to be able to uninstall. I looked in the Xcode preferences and the downloads section where IOS simulator is downloaded didnt seem to help either.

So i have a temperamental Simulator where it only works after running the program 3 or 4 times, then it runs everything together. Frustrated, but sort of working here…

I have a macbook pro:


Reinstalling Yosemite might help, but that would require backing everything up and more time.

I use a 2012 MacBook Pro 15" with Xcode without any issues.

Xcode + the iOS Simulator are bundled together, there’s not separate install/uninstall process.

Do you have any other issues with other programs or apps?