Behind the Scenes Update 1


I’ve been busy working to make sure I have backups and all the video files organized. We’ve just passed 29 videos for the course, so it’s a ton of media that I need to maintain and make sure it’s backed up.

I’m using CrashPlan + 16TB Hard drive NAS (RAID 5) + Thunderbolt Duo for backups.

I may throw in another off-site backup, but I haven’t decided yet. Any suggestions?

Video Formats
I’m not an expert on video formats, but I’m working to make file sizes smaller.

I currently screen capture in ScreenFlow and export at 5,000kb/s and then encode using Handbrake. That takes a 500mb file down to about 50mb.

For camera video, I’m using a DLSR Canon 6D and Final Cut Pro X. I export to a Master File (12GB for 10 minutes!) then I use Handbrake to encode down to around 200mb.

Video Captioning
I just ordered captioning from ZenCaptions, it took a while to figure out the best way to share all the videos with them. From the first 3 days we have around 195 minutes of video, which costs $1/minute.

I used the service for the Swift Primer and it worked well – we should have captioning by the weekend.

Video Downloads
Any suggestions for services to host GB of video data? A few students want to download a bundle of videos, and I need to know what’s the best option.

It looks like 3 days worth of material is currently 1.23GB of video data (29 videos).
~9 videos/day * 20 daily lessons = 180 videos180

So the course download with my current export settings might be 7.6GB total, but I can break it up weekly (1-2GB downloads).

I hope to get back on track and have content sooner in the day over the weekend. It’s been a lot of filming, editing, exporting, and uploading.

My goal was 12am, that slipped until the same day.

Suggestions and Feedback
Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions based on what I’m doing.


[Swift 1] Day 4 - Variables, Types, and a Tip Calculator

Good stuff. Looks like a lot of work. You are doing a great job, from my student perspective.

Wouldn’t it make sense to use Dropbox as an off-site backup solution? This way you could share the videos too. You would probably need their paid service tho.

Again, so far I think you are doing a very good job.


The first day took me a lot more than 1 hour to get through, but I’m not complaining! You’ve put a lot of effort into this and it really shows. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the course progresses.


Why not upload as a torrent ? It’s free and as soon as a few people download it, then it will drop your bandwith. You can archive and secure the archive with a pass. You can use GDRIVE by Google ( 15G free ), I use that on a daily basis and it works pretty well. There are a ton of other services, that I haven’t tried ( like Flip drive ), or if you have a VPS or any other server of your own you can just host it.

On a second thought I think you would probably be ok with the google drive. If you need more than 15GB they have their 100 GB for $1.99 / month


Thanks Garry!

Would you like to see content split up into more days, or do you like the ability to dive deeper into a daily lesson?


Good idea… would I have to provide a server to seed the torrent… I’m not an expert on how that hosting works.


Dropbox rate limits file sharing for standard accounts, I think I’d need to signup to the $750/year plan to get unlimited downloads… at that price there are other services that are $120/year to do the same thing.

I use Dropbox for all text/image based content, but not video content. It fills up and steals all my HD space between my different user accounts or computers.


Hi Paul

I’m happy with how it is and will just follow along in my own time, as work and family allows! The important thing is that the quality content and support is there for whenever it’s needed, so thanks again! The subtitles will also speed things up a bit for me, so looking forward to those.


Have you thought using Rackspace or Amazon S3 for hosting the videos to download? I know S3 isn’t the cheapest option. But something similar might be cheaper and the best option.


If you wanna use torrents you can take a look at that :smile:

  • I am sure it will take you less than 2min to figure it out. All you need is a free torrent program like BitComet or anything else. Then you just go to a free torrent website and upload it


I did, my concern is the amount of time managing access control. I’d like an option that I can just upload to and then easily change permissions.


Hi Paul

Thanks for the subtitles, they are great quality from what I’ve seen so far! They don’t seem to have worked for video 2.3, could you please check that.


There might be an issue with that file, I’ll get support to look into it.



Thanks Paul. Please let me know when to expect it as it’s holding me up and I’m really keen to continue with the course which is brilliant so far!


Garry, it’s working!

Apparently I need to be on the lookout when I mention percentages.

% caused a hiccup with the subtitle file upload. I had to change “50%” to “50 percent” in the .srt files.

Next time it shouldn’t be so slow. I think my course is the first course using subtitles on the platform.