Behind the scenes update 5


It’s been a busy few months. The 1st Swift course is my biggest course to date with 229 videos and 33 hours 29 minutes of video content.

I’ve filmed a ton of new videos on the UITableView (list scrolling) and UICollectionView (photo grid). Along with that you’ll learn more about working with web services using the NSURLSession, iTunes Search API, iTunes RSS Feed API, and the Facebook SDK (and Graph API to get data from Facebook).

There’s a ton of great stuff and a lot of videos.

  1. Q&A videos - I need more questions for the Q&A videos after Day 17.
  2. I’ve posted Q&A videos for Day 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, and 16.
  3. Day 16 was missing lecture materials on how to start and finish. I’ve added 16.2a, 16.2b, 16.2c, 16.13, 16.14, and 16.15 to fill in the blanks. That’ll help you understand how to save and load data to your iPhone.
  4. The iPhone Game course will be starting on Monday, January 28th. My artist has been doing some stellar work, which you can see on the game course press page.

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