[Chapter 1] 1.1 Homework - Introduce Yourself to Our Community


1.1 Homework - Introduce Yourself to Our Community

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What’s your background experience?
  3. Why do you want to make apps?
  4. When do you want to make iPhone apps (morning, evenings, everyday, etc.)?

[Chapter 1] 1.0 Lesson - Introduction and Setup

My specialty is Geographic Information Systems and spatial analysis. On the job I have coded in python, VBA, javascript, Unix shell scripting. I have always wanted to program games and really want to program some educational learning apps for iOS. for the next 3 months i will be only randomly working on learning the course material. But hope to start working on my own apps after i defend my dissertation in February. Time of day - weekend or evening hours.


I programmed in the ancient languages (assembler, cobal, fortran, pascal, JCL etc) I worked as a go between systems and end user departments developing user requirements and testing system changes for a big bank. More recently, I created a website and took a TSQL class. Since I love puzzles, creating apps seems like the next computer adventure to explore.



I am Brian in Cleveland OH. I am an engineer and have coded in C/C++ and VBA. I will primarily be working on apps in the evening.


Hi, I’m Rosanna and I live in Belgium. I have done some programming, and have built some simple apps for Android using App Inventor. I would be working on this course Monday (or Tuesday) mornings, and in the evenings (about 2-3x a week). Looking forward to learning! :smile:


I’m Matt, I live in New York, I will be graduating college soon getting my associates degree in business management, I also work for the highway department in my area, I have no programing experience but it is something I’ve always wanted to learn. I will be working on apps usually after 3pm during the week and probably in the morning on the weekend.


Hello everyone My Name is Felipe, I’m from Bogota, Colombia. I got absolutely no experience at all regarding developing mobile apps and programing. I’m currently the CEO of my own company called Ass (Apps, Services & Solutions), it’s a company I started with my associate which in fact is the Project Manager and developer, I’m a marketer consultant and handle all the comercial, financial and consultancy tasks. I definitely want to surprise my associate by helping him some how on the process of developing apps to our clients and also I want to create my own ones, have 2 great ideas in fact! I’m willing to accommodate to any particular time, this course is a most for me so I don’t have to much trouble finding an specific hour to learn this course.


My name is Tom Walker and I am currently working as an IT System Admin. I worked at Apple back in days when John Sculley was the CEO Apple. I worked as a QA engineer in the Languages Inteface Group. Back then the programming suite Apple put into the hands of developers was called MPW or Macintosh Programmers Workshop. So I spent a year working with some very bright software engineers who mentered me on developing software on the Macs running System 6x OS. Well Mac sells started to tank and I left Apple to go back into IT work supporting a data center running Windows Server 3.x. I learned C++ and wrote some code to perform automation task. I was privileged to live nearby Apple headquarters in Cupertino on a street named "1 Infinite Loop Cupertino. I continued to stay in contact with friends who where still employed at Apple. Shortly Apple developed HpyerCard and I quickly learned how to program in HyperTalk. I worked briefly with a startup until it became obvious that Jobs was not going to put a lot of energy into the HpyerCard ecosystem and sure enough in 2004, Apple dropped it. Roll it forward to January 10, 2007, and I went to San Francisco’s Mascone Center saw Steve Jobs introduce a revolutionary device rumored to be a smartphone device. Jobs revealed the iPhone to a thunderous applause. The rest is history. I regret not jumping in on developing apps on the iPhone when Apple started the App Store. When I heared the developer who made the ridiculous app called iFart and was taking as much as $10,000 a day I ran to the local bookstore and bought a couple of books on iOS programming. So I tried to learn this programming language called Objective C. But whenever I got by the basic chapters I ran into a wall, I was just not getting it. Went out and bought more Objective C programming only to keep getting more frustrated with typos in the books or sometimes just blatant omissions on the part of the authors who rushed out books to make a quick buck off of this new in demand iOS programming market. Roll it forward to now. Paul Solt brings a system of learning how to develop apps to a level that is more understandable than I have ever experienced from any other book author on the market. So I eagerly look forward to learning, interacting and being inspired by those of you who will be pruducing useful apps this year.

I plan on spending 7 to 10 hours a week on learning to design and produce apps. I will be working Monday evenings Tuesday mornings and evenings, Wednesday,Thursday,Saturday, and Sunday mornings. My goal is to get at least 2 apps into the App Store this year.


wow! I had similar experiences trying to learn Objective-C as well.

It was a bit unapproachable in the beginning, and now with technology changing fast learning materials are quickly becoming out of date.

I’m glad that my lessons have helped you get started! Apps are fun to make. =)


Hi I guess I’m little late on this introduction but i really believe that nothing is really too late :stuck_out_tongue: so…

I’m Mario from Guadalajara City on Mexico (The capitol of Tequila !!!) I’m the CEO on a software company that is specialized on ERP, I really like the development I’m doing since 18 years ago :sweat_smile: (I’m 38 ) but I never do a app for iOS before and want to do mainly for personal purpose, to satisfy my curiosity and of course keep learning! I guess i’m doing this twice a week by night :slightly_smiling:

Nice to meet you :slightly_smiling:


very cool! I’ve been to the Yucatan peninsula before. =)


Yucatan it’s a very beauty place in fact! I hope you enjoyed your visit Paul :relaxed:


Hey! I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I write code since 2002.
I wrote web sites and web applications, with a variety of languages (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jade, Sass, Coffescript, jQuery, PHP, Laravel, Ruby, RubyOnRails, Python, MySQL, SQLite, Postgresql, etc).
I want to make apps, because I think it’s not only the hot thing right now, but because I see the potential and impact they have in people’s life.
Mainly I will be making iPhone apps by night, and more over the weekends.
Really excited to learn a lot about this iOS dev universe. :smiley:


Hi folks,

I live in Ottawa Canada. My wife and I raised 6 children and the youngest is almost 25.

I’ve been a Software Developer for over 30 years. I started in assembler working for a company that made multi-user word processing systems for the world market. These machines were between the electric typewriters and PCs.

I’m currently unemployed trying to broaden my skills. I recently finished all the courses for my Xamarin Mobile Certification but I also want to learn mobile development using other technologies.

I hope to work on this course once or twice a week for about 3 hours.