[Chapter 1] 5.3 Homework - Introduce yourself to the Community


Homework: Print Your Name and Three Facts

  1. Create a new Xcode project to play with indentation and then add code to display your name, city, and three facts about yourself.

     print("Hi I'm Paul Solt from Rochester, NY")
     print("I love to throw a 175g Ultra-star disc from Discraft")
     print("I enjoy cooking food and chopping vegetables")
     print("I like when technology gets out of the way and helps me do something")
  2. Create a new reply and paste your indented code below!

##Use Xcode to Format Code Quickly

  1. Indent your code properly
    1. Re-indent code: Select code and press Control + i
    2. Shift Right: Command + ]
    3. Indent Left: Command + [
  2. Copy the code the start of the first line to the end of the last line
  3. Paste the code directly into your Markdown supported editor

Update the Formatting in the Community Markdown Editor

You can also fix your code formatting on the Community forum when you edit a post (yours or someone else’s that didn’t format the code correctly).

[Chapter 1] 5.0 Lesson - Get Help Quickly from Online Resources

Here is my solution, this was fun! I learned about the print() function!

import UIKit

print("Hi I'm Paul, I'm from Rochester, NY!")
print("1. I like to cook food!")
print("2. I've taken massage course twice at RIT")
print("3. I love to make amazing coffee with Chemex or Hario v60")

Testing Quoted Multiple quoted replies. Thanks Paul!

Hey paul that’s neat!

  1. List of information about code or problems.

  2. Embed code with 8 spaces (or two right indents from Xcode)

    This is a code sample from my Playgrounds:

     // Create a variable
     var x = 25
     print("x:", x)
  3. Awesome I formatted code correctly in a list

    Here’s an app I made called Artwork Evolution:

    It creates art using genetic algorithms and mathematics. =)


  4. Here is a quick video I filmed with Quicktime and uploaded to YouTube.

Thanks for watching!

Code block with syntax highlight

// Swift 2.1
import UIKit
print("hello Swift")
var x = 10
let y = x * 100


Hey all this John and I am posting the homework from the section 5!

         print("Hi I'm John Stephanites and I live in a suburb of Chicago")
         print("I am a Photography buff and started all this I think because of Photoshop")
         print("I really enjoy Woodworking and working with my hands I have been in Construction my whole life")  
         print("I really want to learn how to build apps and get them in the store")