CocoaPods Tutorial for Beginners in Xcode 9 and Swift 4


What are CocoaPods?

Cocoapods is a system that helps you create the Xcode project (Workspace) that can include other open source Swift and Objective-C projects (Networking, Animation, Auto Layout, etc.).

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Thanks for the good writeup.


Excellent! What Cocoapods do you want to use?


Heh Paul,

Using your guidance, I am able to include the following cocoa pods.

pod ‘Pulley’
pod ‘YouTubePlayer’
pod ‘SwiftyBeaver’
pod ‘SwiftForms’

Though, I have noticed fracture in the framework community. Sometimes there is only a SPM install, or a Carthage. And at times, it appears after a Carthage install, my cocoa pods installs are disrupted. Nothing requires fixing currently. Though I believe your guidance is to stear clear of SPM, and us Cocoapod, but I thought I read recently cocoa pods are going to go away at one point? Maybe I am confused.

Though, I have found each time I include a new cocoa pod, there are potential migration issues when advancing to the next Xcode. So I try to minimize the number of pods I use so as to minimize issues.


Great work!

Managing dependencies and keeping things working is a constant battle as Xcode changes, along with Swift.

I don’t see Cocoapods going away anytime soon, it’s very useful, and has a lot of developers supporting it.

You have a good strategy to avoid too many Cocoapods, because each can add extra work. =)