Creating and working with Versions


I would like to know how to create and track different versions of my app in Xcode. Because, I want to be able to get something working the way I want it to, then move to the next step, but be able to go back to something that i know was working if all fails with the changes that i make.

Also guess this would be a good time to ask about best practices for make change update notations to and app. As well as to were you would make those notes.


I recommend the easy approach to start. Once you get comfortable try learning #2 (git version control).

  1. To start you can just copy/paste the entire directory. This is the fastest and easiest. Just start working in your other copy.

  2. The best approach after you get the hang of things is to use and git version control. This takes more work, since you need to go through their tutorial to understand it.

They have a great Mac app!

I don’t teach github in the beginner sequence, but I may touch upon it in the 5th chapter of Super Easy iPhone Apps. It is something I covered in my Real World Apps course