Design question


I’m working on the iPhone app Use Auto Layout - enabled Use Class Sizes - disabled because I’m not supporting iPad at this time. So, my app works great on iPhone 5,6 but on 4 (3.5 inch screen) i have a problem at the bottom with overlapping elements. I’m using automatic constraints. Anybody knows how to make it look nice on iPhone 4 ? seems like there’s not enough screen space, I thought it would automatically shrink it or something like that… creating constraints manually is really terrible procedure


If it’s a text label, you should be able to set a minimum font size.


And buttons, they also support a minimum text size.


I’ll grab a screenshot for you. It’s in the attributes inspector, just scroll down.


if I set text to minimum then it’s will not be visible


You want to change the label/buttons to the smallest readable size so it fits.


I tired but pretty much same result. Also main problem is that it seems like the entire layout is too tall for iPhone 4 when I run the app it gets cut at the bottom…


Issue was resolved by implementing a scroll view.