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Write Swift code on a PC or web browser


I just finished watching the WWDC 2014 videos on Swift. Specifically:

  • Introduction to Swift
  • Intermediate Swift
  • Advanced Swift

The advanced is kind of too much for my Swift level right now, but still enlightening. It’s a very nice way to get the big picture.

Plus, things like this:

Very pedagogic!


I finished a book about programming and I would like to share it with you. It may be one of the best books on how to program without a single line of code. :smiley: No kidding.

It’s called Apprenticeship Patterns: Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman. It suggests patterns on how to continuously develop skills and gradually become a master software craftsman.

A great read not only for software developers.


Thanks for sharing Fernando!


Another great book!

What’s the best way to name a variable? Or a function? How to document the code? What are some of the best coding practices?

This book is all about writing beautiful, clean, organized (so maintainable) code.

A must read for developers.


I’m going to add this to my Wish List.


According to Apple,An App Preview is an optional short video demonstrating your app.

Now we can create app previews with iMovie!

Very welcomed. I was tired of using Reflector and Screenflow…

Apple also provides a guide on how to create great videos.