Double clicking function and single click autofix error code not working


The reason I am writing here is because I am having problems clicking on the link that appears below once one has typed a command. For example, when i type UIView.animate it immediately gives options below which if i double click then the whole line is inserted automatically. In this case i wanted the “spring with Damping” option which if i double click it automatically puts this line in the code. The problem is that i am double clicking on the right option that appears when i start typing the initial code but the line is not getting inserted automatically. Instead i have to type the whole code which is very time consuming and also gives errors. Similarly when there is an error message and i try and click in front of the line number for autofix, nothing happens. It seems my Mac computer is not reading the double click function or the single click function for automatically fixing the error code. I have tried different mouses but it is just not working. Can you please help me out with this problem.
I really appreciate your help
Thanking you


Quit xCode, reopen…