Error message: Use of undeclared type 'UIlabel'


Hey i’m brand new to Xcode 6.1 I’m on video 3 on Day 1 in the class and I encountered this error message when adding code from Paul’s instructions.
// create ivars
var myFirstLabel: UIlabel!
var iPhoneLabel: Uilabel!

Any idea what it might be??? I’ve entered it exactly as shown so I"m not sure why this is coming up as an error.


You didn’t paste the error message, but I can see some case errors. UILabel needs to be written with capital U I and L.


Hey thanks for responding. The error message is the topic "use of undeclared type’UIlabel’

I’ll check the case letters later tonight



When adding a button,text,label etc… to the mainstoryboard, can’t you just right click and add the coding by dragging it into the view? I’m confused with the video on Day 1 because all the videos i’ve watched online everyone seems to be right clicking and dragging it into the view. Then they center the button, text field, label and change the font size etc…I know he’s adding animation but does this coding need to be added every time from scratch when you add a button or text?


Should be

var myFirstLabel: UILabel!
var iPhoneLabel: UILabel!

Programming is case sensitive. You need to use capital letters for the names of classes.

You can do both UI design in both code and in Xcode’s canvas editor. I show both approaches throughout the course.