Hardware recommendation


Hi All,

I’m new to the forum. Hope someone sees this and can recommend something.

A little about me:
I have programming experience from years ago (Basic, C++, Java, Perl). Now that Apple has made iOS development free and sideloading very easy, I’ve decided to try to make my first iOS app.

To do this, I need to get some hardware, because to date I’ve only had PC laptops and workstations. To save money, I’m planning to get a refurbished/upgraded 15" MacBook Pro (Pre-Retina era) and run OSX High Sierra w/ Xcode 9.2, but I’m wondering how much RAM I should get. I know the Xcode iOS simulators are resource intensive, so I’m wondering if 8GB of RAM is enough, or should I go for 16GB?

One last important bit of info is that I am making my app only for iPad (10.5") so that is the iOS device simulator I plan on using. From Paul’s videos, I’ve inferred that the larger the simulator screen size, the longer the simulator takes to load (e.g. he always recommends using the iPhone 8 vs. 8+). Maybe I am making too big a deal of this and should just go w/ 8GB and debug directly on my physical iPad?

Thanks in advance!


Hi - your situation is where we have all been in the beginning - a trade off on specs versus affordability. I am still using my first and only MacBook Pro 15” 1st retina model with 8gb ram and although it is old it is still capable if you have patience. With that in mind the higher the spec that you can afford is where I would go. These Macs are difficult to upgrade.


Thanks for the advice! Based on the level of activity in the forum, I wasnt sure anyone would respond.

I’ll spring for the extra RAM then :+1: