How To Fix Spotlight Search On Mac (Spotlight Search Not Showing Apps)

Is Spotlight broken? Can't find the app, document, or photo you want using Spotlight on your Mac? You can fix it in 5 seconds using Terminal.

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Is this still happening on macOS Mojave?

I haven’t seen the issue in a while now—that’s a good thing for me!

Hi There, im searching for a folder on an external hardrive using finder.when I type the folder name it appears in finder saying its under documentaries which is correct however when I go to documentaries on my hard rive the folder is not showing?So its saying its there however not showing in its directory.

Thanks Dave.

Hi PaulSolt. Excuse me for my bad English.
I’ve tried to use the command suggested, but my Spotlight (in High Sierra) still doesn’t work.
I’ve also tried to manually remove - using terminal - the Spotlight hidden folder .Spotlight-V100, but nothing changes: when I try to search anything Spotlight found only web results, nothing on my internal disk.
Can you help me?
Thanks a lot.

I don’t know, I’m not on the older OS’s and it seems these Spotlight issues have been fixed in later versions of macOS.

I haven’t had any recent issues with Catalina.