I'm confused, is that ok?


I go through the lecturse and then follow along with the code in Xcode. I understand a bit of it and the more I follow along the more I seem to get but I also find myself confused.

I just wanted to double check that this isn’t too unusual. I find that my understanding of concepts seems to grow as I use them in real world application and so I assuming that this will continue to hold true in these lessons as well.

However, if I need to go back over the code again and again to understand I am willing to do that as well. In you opinion what is the best approach? -John

Learning and being confused go together. When you first learn something like Calculus it probably won’t make sense until you get more exposure with the terminology and go through the motions.

The same is true with programming. As you watch the videos, write the code in Xcode. It’ll give you hands on experience, that’s an important first step in learning the process.

Code Journal or Code Blog

What I want you to do, and this has been really effective with my students, is to keep a journal or notebook of all the terms that you learn.

Write down a new term, question, line of code, or topic. Leave some space to fill in the blanks that you don’t yet understand. Next as you work through the materials, see if you can go back and answer any of your questions in your own words. Use Google to find related resources that might explain it from a different perspective, or Apples documentation.

There’s a ton to learn with apps and programming, and you need to start writing code, and then finding things you don’t understand so that you can research them more. That’s part of the learning process.

Keep repeating it and you’ll make progress and figure out what you do know and what you don’t know, but can learn with a little more research.

Writing code is the best approach.