Introduce yourself



Introduce yourself.

  1. What’s your background experience?
  2. What do you want to learn?
  3. What is your goal with iPhone apps?



Hello al!

Very excited to start the new Swift course.

I have some web development experience but I’m brand new to iPhone development, and ideally I’d like to learn enough to set me on the path to a new career creating mobile apps.


Hello everyone!

My name is Rajée, I am currently a Quality Assurance Engineer with Fidelity Investments. I have a background in programming and recently graduated college,May 2013, with my Comp. Eng. degree, however, I only have independent learning with iOS programming and objective-c.

I want to learn it all! I want to be able to get all of my ideas finally created. I want to blend my hobbies in art, knowledge of technology, and mindset of a consumer into my apps.

I would LOVE to switch careers at some point to get into mobile testing and more unit level testing. Becoming a iOS programmer would be pretty sweet too!

Oh, of course selling an app will bring in some much needed cash-flow! :smile:



Hi All!

I am Business Analyst with very little programming experience. I’ve spent a number of hours studying Objective-C and iOS, but have had a very difficult time making the concept come to life. Always feel like I’m looking at outdated information or have been left behind by an XCode or iOS update. Really looking forward to coming in on the ground floor of Swift and learning with the help of a community like this.

I would like to leave the course confident that I understand the fundamentals of Swift programming, and that while I may not have all the answers, would know exactly where to find them. I have to admit, I’m intimidated by the seemingly endless possibilities of the language, and am looking forward to investing the time and the repetition that disarms my apprehension.

I have greatly enjoyed the programming I have done so far and would love to develop on the side, keeping an open mind to future opportunities.


I am Narendra from Pune, India.
I am a Surgeon ( Doctor ) by profession.
Got attracted to iPhone app developement out of curiosity. Would like to develop apps as well as games for iOS. I am absolutely new to programming.
Let’s see how can I go forward!
But I feel with your help & teaching Paul I am confident to achieve my goal!
Looking forward to 6 th October eagerly!


Hi. Jordan from NYC. I go to Business School. Have a few ideas for some games and apps but have no mobile programming experience. I did some ASP.NET programming about 10 years ago as a hobby, but all self taught.



My name is Chris. I’m a producer at a company that publishes games for iOS, but I don’t have much insight into the development side of apps. So, I hope to learn some of the ins and outs, and I think it’d be great to have the skills to actually put together some of the app ideas (game and non-game) I’ve had floating around in my own head and get more comfortable with Swift and Xcode. I’m a programming newbie.

Not looking specifically to sell an app or switch careers, more looking to enhance my knowledge of app creation which would be extremely helpful in my current job. :smiley:


Hi, my name is Vigo

I have some background mainly in web coding and I am looking into
creating games and apps for IOS as a hobby with potential commercial
benefit if I enjoy doing it :wink:

Best Regards !


My name is Karl but call me KJ. I am an Sr. system engineer and have a little programing background. I want to integrate app development into my career. It looks better on my resume (LOL).


My name is Derek and I am currently a Business/Systems Analyst at a financial institute.

  1. I have done some entry level html, css, and jquery development on my own but I am still very much an entry level developer. My background in in Analysis and Project Management.
  2. My goal is to be able to build a new skill set of iOS development and web development that will allow me to switch careers in the next year.
  3. I need to get out of this career, so yes I want to switch. I would also like to be able to produce apps for the app store independently.


Hi. My name’s Pawel. I’m a photographer and graphic designer. I like learning new things and iOS seems like an exciting challenge to me. I remember having fun with languages like atari logo & basic when I was young. So for me just learning it, knowing it and being good at it would make my day, don’t think I could ever make money out of it. Just for fun!


Hi, my name is Joe.
I am currently a .NET/ASP developer in Pennsylvania. I am an apple enthusiast and have wanted to get into OSX/iOS development for awhile and this looks like the perfect opportunity.
I have years of C# development experience and am looking for apple ecosystem experience as well as learning the ins and outs of Xcode and swift. I would really like to learn how to access network resources (web services) and display the resulting data.
I am looking to eventually switch to iOS development full time and get out of Microsoft products.

Cant wait for next week!



I’m a former Rails/JS developer, now squarely in management but still tinker in code on the side. Excited to try some iOS development. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.



I have lot of development experience on the Windows platform, and was curious about creating apps on iOS. Ideally I would like to create some interesting (and fun) apps that might be of use to others.


Hello everyone!

I am currently a Sr R&D Project Manager working for a medical device company. I do have a bit of a software development background in PHP, some Java and some C++ but that was many years ago. I am interested in learning Swift so that I can take some of my ideas, turn them in to applications and make them available in the AppStore.


Hi All,

I’m Jason, and I’ve worked in a family business for 20 years. Though my day job has nothing to do with programming, I’m interested in expanding my mind. I’m very intrigued with making an app on the App Store, as I see that a popular app could reap many rewards.


Hey All!

  1. I’m a data architect for a global IT consulting firm.
  2. I’m interested in knowing the best practices, design pitfalls, tips and tricks every iOS developer should know. I want to learn about the end-to-end process of having an idea and turning it into an application on the app store.
  3. Yes



Greetings, everyone!

What’s your background experience?

  • Fernando, 32 years old, software engineer since 2006 working mainly with Java.
  • Started developing for mobile devices (Android and iOS) in 2010.
  • Published 2 apps in the Android Market. Something like ~80k downloads.
  • Published 4 apps in the App Store. Something like ~20k downloads. One of them ranked first in the Social Networking category and 3rd place overall in the Paid Apps category (in my country, which is Brazil).

What do you want to learn?

  • I really suck at Swift. :smiley:
  • That said, my main goal is to master Swift.
  • Secondary goal is to learn how to make games.
  • Besides that: I want to connect with other developers and somehow contribute to our dev community.

Do you want to sell an app or switch careers?

  • Well, both! :wink:
  • I like making apps, but my passion are games. I’ll focus on games.
  • However I’m also into learning. So I may be doing something between those lines. Who knows, right? :smiling_imp:


Hello everyone!

My name is Jose Luis Beltran, I am from Bolivia (South America). My English is poor, but I can read better
I have some background in HTML, PHP.
I mainly play as Project Manager, but now want to learn to develop great apps for iOS.
The project I’m starting is similar to a family budget.


Hi All,
My name is Matt, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’m a customer support and systems engineer in the videoconferencing industry. I have not programmed formally since college (which was a while ago now :wink: ), but I’ve done a fair amount of scripting in Perl and Python over the years.

I am interested in picking up iOS programming as a hobby and to add another skill to my résumé. I’m interested in developing tools and utilities to help people do useful things.