Introduce yourself



  1. I an a Junior in College going towards my degree in Computer Science, and I have written code a little bit in the mobile and web space, but I would like to do more. Most of the coding that I have done so far are in the Desktop application field, which I have found to be difficult to sell without many months of work.
  2. I would like to learn how to create amazing iPhone apps and be able to use that to advance my learning.
  3. I would to sell an app to help pay for college!



Hi All,

My name is Paul and I’ve been in IT for 20+ odd years, mainly system admin/support. Currently working with backup/storage technologies.
Love my scripting (Bash, VBScript, PowerShell, etc etc) and have worked with C# and VB.Net and want to expand into the Mac world (just got my new MacBook Pro).
And, yes, if I can build an app that would be useful, then I would love to sell it :smile:



Hi all,

My name is Kevin and I have a background in Cisco and Networking. And I am very intrigued by the power of that little computational device that everyone calls phone and the endless possibility of it’s use.

And by the end of this course, I wish to be able to put together a simple app.


Hello Everybody,

I’m Ranjith Nagella, Major in Computer Science and I have been in Mobile App development for past 2 years with JavaScript as a base language and I always wanted to learn Objective-C but always felt like I’m not an outstanding from the crowd. Now, I have a chance to be odd among the crowd and wanted to be the first to experience the 21st century designed language. Yes, of course I wanted to create my own apps and publish them to the App store.

I hope every one will love this course and I will see your amazing apps in the app store.



Hello everybody,

I’m new to IOS Development and Objective-C. I’ve got a background in Java and web development but now decide it is time to try something different in the Apple universe. I’m looking to learn as much as possible in order to quickly prototype some ideas. Not looking for a switch this is more of a challenge and learning exercise for me.



Hello everyone,

My name is Jamil Hasan, I’m currently an account manager at Oracle. Previously I worked with Java and C, C++. And this will be my first course for iPhone development, I really want to learn how to develop applications for iPhone, iWatch…etc. and maybe to sell some applications as well.

Good luck for everyone.


Hello all,

My name is Derek Russell. I am currently studying computer science in college. I have no background in making mobile application. I want to be able to make applications and possibly sell some. I’m more interested in just learning how to do it for fun.



Hello All,

My name is Haden Outlaw, I am currently an Investor Relations Specialst at a mortgage company. I have always been into computers since I was very young and when a friend told me about this opportunity I jumped on it and have been looking forward to the launch date! I only have basic coding experience in HTML and no experience with any kind of app development.
I want to learn to create apps and if it goes well, maybe make a career change…praying for the best!!
I feel like these forums always help me with various projects I am working on so I hope that I can contribute and help out here as we dive into this learning phase together! Super excited about this!



I am Jason. I am new to objective c and swift. Took a few online courses. Hope to learn how to make wonderful apps and games on iOS platform… Let’s learn and share together…,



Hello, My name Is Michael. I am an architect by training, currently the BIM manger for ~ 150 other architects. I have some scripting background (GDL). I am looking to learn swift to develop some tools to internally support the firm I am with. I am looking forward to learning the basics and see some documented real world examples to pick apart.


Ho there,

I’m Loic, a french student in finance,
I don’t have any experience in programming. Thus I am really willing to dive in. I would like to build a first app with quizzes to prepare to a french accounting diploma such as the CPA in the US. Then I will maybe keep going to another bigger project !

I wish a nice course to everyone :slight_smile:


Hey Folks,

My name is Josh and I am the Department Chair for Full Sail University’s Mobile Development Bachelor of Science program. My background is in desktop software and Android development, so Swift gives me a good opportunity to get the iOS side of things down.

Looking forward to the course!


Hi everybody,
I’m Andrea, C++ developer on unix platforms in Italy, in love with iOS as a spare-time hobby.
Developed some toy applications/utilities used at work just for myself, but looking to get some new boost and motivation to finally approach the store with a couple of ideas.
Working 24h on the server side of things, I really suck at designing graphics/interfaces :frowning:
I’m not sure I’ll be able to follow the course live, I’ll do what I can.

Good luck to everybody and enjoy the adventure!


Hello there fellow coding students!

My name is Ahmad from Canada. I’m a biology student, and during my studies I’ve come across R and Matlab and they gave me my first experience in programming. After this course I hope to produce my first app on the App Store, and maybe start a career doing so.


i’m Alexandre from France, i’ve a little dev experience in Python.
I want to take the iOS train with swift (i was discouraged by my first readings on objective C a few years ago and never wrote a line of that language).
I’ve done some previous swift online courses (Treehouse and bitfountain) and i begin to have a lot of fun developing my own App in those last 15 days.
My objective is to build some apps that will meet its customers on iphone and i want to be ready for the incoming appleWatch.
I’d love making games too, but as i’m a fast learner in coding, i’ve no artistic sensitivity and i never succeed in drawing or building some nice graphic elements …
Of course, if building high quality apps allow me to earn enough money to live with that activity i would be more than happy :blush:
when i dont code my hobbies are : skating, surfing and i used to play StarCraft2 (but my iOS learning stole all my SC2 time).


Hi everyone.

My name is Nate and I’m a sophomore in college. I’m working towards a computer science degree and have taken one Intro to Programming (C++) class.

I want to learn how to make iPhone apps and broaden my programming knowledge.

I would love to be able to bring my ideas to life and sell them on the App store.

I’m excited to get started!

  • Nate


I am Mary, and am a newbie to programming. I had one course in Pascal (the FORTRAN class was cancelled due to not enough students). My degrees are in the Sciences, and Hospitality & Tourism. I have always liked art and mobile puzzle games.
Really learning the basics, and then applying them is my first priority, selling an app is secondary.


Hi everyone
My name is Bennie. I’m an actuary working for a life insurance company in Cape Town, South Africa.

I am completely new to app development and only see this as a hobby. The only coding language I use regularly is Visual Basic, and I really look forward to learning Swift and Objective-C.

Initially I would try write a simple record keeping type app and maybe a kids app for learning to spell in Afrikaans (my first language), seeing that there aren’t many of those in the App Store.


Hi All!

Cant wait to get started. I have some knowledge of html, CSS and i recently completed a JavaScript course.

Looking forward to learning some swift. I want to make my own apps to release on the app store. I have an “ideas” notebook in evernote that has grown exponentially over the last twelve months. Id just love to be able to bring at least one of them to life!


What’s your background experience?

Hi guys and girls! My name is Pascal, and I’m an entrepreneur. I previously bootstrapped two startups and studied computer science when I was in college. I’m actually working as a business analyst in a telecom company in Montréal.

What do you want to learn?

I want to learn how to build and app from scratch, up to the deployment on the app store. I need to be able to push an MVP publish an MVP. I need to learn how to manage the code, how to deploy easily (like I do on my own website).

What I do want to build from this course?

To conclude, if some of you would like to know why I want to build this app, I wrote a manifesto for this project that I call “Dper”.

Pascal Andy