Introduce yourself



My name is Sven and I’m a software developer and live in Berlin, Germany. Currently I’m working mostly on projects based on Ruby on Rails.

I got in touch with iOS and Objective-C some years ago, but only did some simple “prove of concept” apps yet. I hope the courses will give me the knowledge and motivation to realize some of my ideas and bring them to life finally.



I’ve been in tech since the 80’s. I’m looking to update my skills and see IOS programming as a way to update my skill set.


I am Caroline, I have done some php web development but am not very good at it! I am new to iphone apps and very excited to learn. Hope that I will be up to the challenge.


Hello everyone,
my name is Eloise, I am a web designer and creative director in a small studio called Double-echo. I do mostly print and web design. Also did some look n’ feel for iPhone apps in the past. I work with CSS and html, little bit of php as well. I would love to be able to program some iOS applications in the future. Being realistic, programming has never been easy for me so I’m hoping Swift leaning curve is what I was waiting for to be able to develop my ideas. Really looking forward to this course.


Hi all, I’m Steve and I am currently a QA engineer for a software company in NYC. My background in development consists of creating automated scripts using Selenium and Java. My only experience with iOS development has been the tutorials provided by Paul.

I’m not sure whether or not I want to focus on game or utility apps, I guess I’ll figure it out after I get my feet wet with this course.

I like what I do now for a living, so if I can supplement my income with a useful app, I’d be a happy camper.


Hi Classmates!!!

My name is Johnatan Uribe.

What’s your background experience?
My background is in Design and Front-end Development. I’m currently the Product Design Lead for a tech Company in San Francisco. I’ve been laying all the design in Xcode using Interface builder and I would use some Obj-c here and there but I was just following tutorials and not really understanding what was going on.

What do you want to learn?
I want to understand the basics of the code and be able to look at the code and know what’s going on. I want to be able to write code that’s logical.

Do you want to sell an app or switch careers?
I have an entrepreneurial soul, I am always coming up with ideas and sometimes I take them further with the User Experience and the User Interface. I would like to eventually be able to launch my own app.

My portfolio is here:

Good luck!


My name is Timothy and I am a visual designer with 22+ years of experience and currently live in San Francisco. I want to learn how to make the ideas I have realized into working apps. I would eventually like to sell the apps and develop them as I continue to pursue my career.



Hi All,

Looking forward to doing this after several failed attempts with books and what-not, the 31 days format works well for me, there’s an end in sight! I’m part of a business who build Apps commercially but I’m not one of the Devs, probably never will be, but I want to understand more and maybe build some of my owns apps.



Hi, my name is ronald.

I am excited about this course because I will be learning Swift from the ground up. My goal is to be able to publish apps and also to then learn how to make games in Swift. I studied Objective-C in the recent past but I am glad to jump in with both feet into Swift and leave Obj-C behind. I have a background in computer science but I have spent most of my career in QA Test more recently in Mobile QA Test. My native home is Montreal, Quebec (Canada) but we have been living in Silicone Valley now for quite a while.


Hi everyone!

I’ve always loved programming. I actually started programming in Basic on a Commodore PET computer (just after electricity was invented!). My career took me away from all that. I am now mentoring a company in the alternative health field and would like to develop some apps for them (and get back to programming!).

I’m very much looking forward to it.


Hi Timothy, I would love to see your work. Do you have a portfolio?


Hi, this is yogesh. I am full time programmer ( Want to learn build ios Application . and I want to swich my career


Hello my name is Tom Walker. I have 20+ years of IT experience in Systems Administration on the Windows and System 7 to OS 10x platforms. Worked for awhile at Apple in the ancient Macintosh Programmers Worshop group as an Language Interfaces SQA engineer. Experience prrogramming in C, C++, and C#. Have some Objective C knowledge but have not yet developed an app in the App Store.

I would like to develop some commercial IOS products as well as become a professional IOS programmer for side income.


G’day all,

I am new to the world of self-development, meaning I have paid for a developer to make my app previously, and now I want to learn to do it for myself.

I am hoping to build apps that will service my local community in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. I look forward to talking to you all.



Hi, i’m Paul from Northern Ireland.

I’m a front end developer by trade. I’ve no experience in native app development, but i’m a huge apple fan, and i’ve always wanted to be able to build an app with Xcode, Objective C and now Swift.

I’m looking forward to learning and adding an extra string to my bow.



  1. have a few years of Objective C and developing apps for Mac OS
  2. Keen to make the transition, or leap if you will, from C & Objective C to Swift. I like to learn with others so this is a good chance!
  3. Yes, selling apps is the main goal.



Hello Everyone,

Three cheers for Paul! I am excited to learn more about Swift and the workflow associated with iPhone/iPad development. I am in the beginner category for programming, but have experience creating things with ActionScript and Flash. So the dot syntax of Swift seemed less scary that Objective C.

I am a filmmaker and teacher. I create and sell little kits that teach the basics of moviemaking using paper dioramas. (my website if you’re interested I have skillsets and experience are in the filmmaking FCPx, Motion, Illustrator, Photoshop and Sketch.

I would love to connect with others who are in the beginner category either with an online group or in Seattle for a meet up down the road. My experience of Seattle coffee shops are that 3 out of 4 people with a laptop seem to be programming or using the terminal window to do stuff.



My name is Glenn, I am an IT guy by day and wanna be game developer/hardware hacker by night. I am hoping attending a structured course and interacting with other students will offer me more then hitting the books on my own.

What’s your background experience?

From a programming point of view I am familiar with a few languages but I am not a heads down coder. Over the last few years, I have mainly done work in Unity (C#) but I have also done some limited work in Objective C as I needed to merge both environments in order to make the two apps I have on the App store so far.

What do you want to learn?

I have dabbled with Objective C but I want to learn Swift thoroughly as see it as the future on the Apple platforms. Really excited to learn about Apple Watch programming and learning about other Apple toolkits in more depth.

I am hoping my fellow classmates will be willing to try any apps i develop on this course, offer constructive criticism and encouragement.

Do you want to sell an app or switch careers?

Step One: Sell apps for now
Step Two: - career switch depends if step one ever becomes successful.


I am part programmer, part graphics guy, but not swift at all (so far).
Hoping to learn how to make and publish an app throughout this course.


Oh, hello.

I’m a graphic designer/animator who occasionally web designs.
I would like to learn how to create an app that is simple, popular, and functional on various iOS and mobile platforms (longterm goal). My immediate goal is to build on my existing skill set, and provide a free product to the app store.