Introduce yourself


Hello everyone.
I am a software developer with 20+ years of experience in MS technologies and a few years of Ruby On Rails. I am currently working on a new SaaS application and I want to add a native iOS front end. This looks like a great place to start.


What’s your background experience? I have been working in IT snce 1985, and originally was an analyst/programmer (using punch cards for a few months). I moved on to project and programme mnagement, but have kept my IT knowledge up to date. I am based in UK.

What do you want to learn? I have just retired, and want to keep my brain sharp. I decided to write an iPhone App, and therefore need to understand how to do it.

Do you want to sell an app or switch careers? No - although if people like it, I will give it away


My name is Lindsey. My major experience is in risk management and sales within the food service industry. I signed up for this class because I wanted to learn something new as I have no real previous experience with computer science/engineering or coding. I like to challenge myself and I thought, what better way to do that than with this course, and while I’m at it maybe make something that my current company can use.

Thank you all, and I look forward to talking with everyone.


I am Rad, Seasoned network test architect with scripting and C programming background. Want to get into app development. Possibly develop apps to solve day today problems of people busy with their life.


Hi All,
My name is John, the last programming was about 9 years ago when i wrote code for Palm handheld devices. The company i work for would like me to rewrite the app for the iOS mobile devices. So i’m here to learn the skills to make that happen.


Hi Everyone!

My name is Mike and I’m currently making an iOS game that’s kind of like a cross between Cut the Rope and 2048. I have the basic mechanics of the gameplay down but I still need to learn a lot such as how to save game progress and how to load and select levels in order to complete this game.

I got into game development earlier this year when Flappy bird was at the height of its popularity and I thought, I can make a game like this! So I followed a tutorial that teaches you how to make a game like Flappy Bird and made my own voice-controlled version (it’s called Merp on the Appstore if everyone’s interested). Even though the game I’ve made was silly, but I absolutely LOVED the process and I’m hoping to have some success from this game I’m currently making and quit my day job and start a game studio in the future.

It all starts here! All great things have small beginnings.


Hey everyone!

I’m Maikel from the Netherlands and very excited to learn programming in Swift through Paul’s 7 courses. Planning on studying Computer Science in a few years and taking these courses will help with that but most importantly I’m interested in getting the hang of making iOS apps for now. I have close to none experience, only followed some Swift guides on YouTube but that’s about it.

Would love to make my own app eventually and put it into the App Store but I don’t have any concrete ideas right now, it would be great to team up with some people and try to make a game or some other applications but my focus is on learning Swift as good as possible and I can always see what happens after.

Goodluck everyone and thanks Paul for giving all of us this opportunity


Hi I’m Adam

I work in a global bank, and currently have limited VB skills, and very limited C++ skills. I’m looking to develop my knowledge of iOS app development to further develop my career in the bank


Hi, I am Mo,

I am a student at University, wanting to learn Swift programming before my next semester for my final year project, is this achievable?

I am looking to develop a game or app that involves Social Media Integration.


Hi Maikel, I am new too but have some programming experience in other languages. The key too success is to be dedicated and experiment what you learnt. Good programmers take many years of practice. I hope to be one day.

I wouldn’t mind too team up and work on something in the future…

Best of luck


Hi, my name is Dennis.

I already learned some Objective-C but wanted to get along with Swift because I think this is the language of the future and it’s so much easier to read and write code. I’m living in Germany and am 30 years old. I want to learn programming because one day I want to be a real developer for iOS and maybe even OS X apps.

Good luck to everyone and thanks Paul for being such a good teacher. :smile:


This is Ian MacDuff. I’m the Director of Electrical and Firmware Engineering at FiftyThree. I’ve built consumer electronics and medical devices that interact with iDevices, but have always relied on other teammates to write the iDevice code. I’m excited to broaden my skill set.


I :heart: Paper. :smile:


I’m a salesman in a software company … surrounded like you by our fellow software engineers :slight_smile:
Its odd to begin to understand their conversations :slight_smile:
welcome onboard


I’m Giorgio a 10 year software developer on Microsoft Stack. I DIY-learned Android development recently and I need the last piece of the cake with Swift and iOS.

I want a learning path… and then try to go in-depth myself.

I cannot do a complete career switch… but I would like to do a little multi-platform casual game. Just to tell myself “I tried”…


Hello everyone,

My name is Tony Liao, born in Taiwan, grew up in Australia, residing in Jakarta Indonesia.

I am a graduate from University of Sydney with double bachelor in computer engineering and psychology. I have worked as a consultant specialising in project management in the Government sector at an international consulting firm. Currently I am running my own business in marketing based out of Jakarta.

I have always dreamed of establishing a software house in mobile computing. Currently I am looking at making my very first apple watch app.

Looking forward to collaborating and learning from you guys here.




Welcome, i’m so exited about the Apple watch too :wink:
Cant wait for that course to begin :+1:

  1. Background
    I’m a Graphic Designer for a cruise company. I mainly do print and email design, but I do have some web design experience. I am completely new to programing aside from being a backer of Paul’s first Kickstarter project. I didn’t complete all of the courses. :disappointed: But I am looking forward to nailing this one!

  2. What to learn
    I want to have a firm grasp on Swift and iOS programing. My main goal is to have a foundation for iOS or mobile programing so I can understand UI design better.

  3. Sell an app or switch careers?
    No. I don’t think so. Like I mentioned I would like to use this to have a foundation to learn iOS UI design. I think know the code and how to program will help me in the design side. I might create an app to sell, but I’m not planning on switching to a development career or job. I like the art side too much. But that’s not to say coding isn’t an art. I think coding is much more like writing literature than mathematical.


hello everyone
my name is Ammar
i don’t have much background experience in programing
i want to learn the objective-c and swift
to sell my app in the app store
and i hope everyone will do well too
all the best


Hello! My name is Kyle. I’ve met Paul Solt few time at RIT. He is amazing!

I just graduated from RIT last May with BS in IT. I’ve created few windows phone, android and iPhone app. Not a lot but I would like to learn more from it.

I want to build my apps and publish it to app store. Plus I would like to add those to my portfolio too. Most company won’t hire me unless I show my portfolio. My career goal is to work for iOS developer in the future.

Anyways, looking forward to this!