Introduce yourself


Hello. My name is Chris and I am a freshman in highschool.

I don’t have any coding experience but I’m hoping this course will allow me to create an app.

I simply want to learn Swift. I want to learn how to create an app that works well and looks good. Im hoping this class will teach me everything I need to know in order to create an app. This seems like it’d be a fun little challenge.

I am not old enough to have a job let alone a career so I hope to be able to generate revenue from advertisements on an app.

I’m incredibly excited to be here. I can’t wait to get started alongside all of you. Hopefully we all succeed and see each other’s apps on the AppStore. :smile:


Hey Chief.

I would like to switch my career and pursue my own wish to become a coder. Like Neo inside Matrix :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m a 53 year old opera singer turned educator and producer. My degrees are in Library Science and a BFA in Music and Visual Art. I run several arts organizations.

I’m a self taught Web designer and developer in HTML, php and css. I first learned back in the 90s and have been passionate about artists being able to create and maintain websites for their businesses.

I’ve been a hard core Mac user since 1988 when I bought my first Mac Plus :slight_smile: My iPhone 5 is one of the most amazing tools I’ve ever owned and being able to create apps for it is a real goal.

I have a number of apps I want to learn how to build:

  1. App for my opera festival to share schedules and let users buy tickets
  2. App for singers giving them access to translations, IPA, aria lists etc.
  3. App bringing my mother’s expertise in fibre and fabric information right to the end user’s phone or tablet.

I have to confess that the coding terrifies me but I’m keen to learn.


Hi all,

I’m George Taskos, professional Software Engineer since 2007.

Interested in UI/UX lately in all mobile technologies, mainly focused the last 3 year in iOS.

Want to acquire knowledge in-depth to the iOS UI controls, MapKit is a big interest right now and how to handle annotations, regions, overlays, calculate dimensions on the map etc.

Best practices, animations, springs and gestures to offer quality applications to my clients and the startup I joined lately.

Feels great to be part of this community.



Hello. Im very new as well and wouldn’t mind teaming up to create a game. Thanks and welcome!


I’m a complete newbie. Have been wondering how to make one. Teach me :smile:


Hi all!

My name is Lucas and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have been working in the Business Intelligence area since 2007 and I am always willing to learn new stuff.

Hope to enjoy this course and contribute as much as I can.


I’m new to the coding side of the house and am looking to learn something I’ve never done before. Having had a lot of experience on the management side, I would like to expand my skills and maybe start a new career path.


Hi Paul and everyone,

I’m Asrul. I’m a graphic designer from Malaysia. I’m quite new in this ios dev field. Though, I’ve made a couple of games and an app with Gamesalad.

I would like to learn Swift and create cool apps that once restricted by using Gamesalad. I also want to take this opportunity to change my career into an ios game/apps developer.



Hello everyone!

My name is Keli’i Martin. I am a Senior Software Engineer. My experience is mainly in C++ and C# but I have been studying iOS development off and on for a couple of years. I started off learning Objective-C but when Swift was released, I really wanted to learn it. I wouldn’t mind creating an app or two to sell, but really I want to expand my toolbox of knowledge and possibly do more mobile development in my career.


Hello from New Zealand!

I am a network engineer by day, and have very little programming experience, but have hacked my way through PHP, python and javascript to build the odd website and automate some mediocre tasks. I would like to expand my horizons/knowledge, this is also my creative outlet.

Paul, your teaching style and structure is fantastic. I wish I had found it sooner.

I love the way you jumped straight into building an interface without using the interface builder. By doing that, I have a much better understanding of concepts. I also like your weekend app challenges. I have only done the pan-gesture one, and have built a fully functional numbers version of it for my 5 year old daughter, where she can drag the numbers around (like fridge magnets) and snap them into place (using UIkit dynamics), and check if she gets the simple sum correct. It’s not sexy, but it has teeth.



Hi there,

I’m a Java/Python/Flex/C++ developer, would like to learn Swift. I’d have few ideas for mobile apps and hope to sell some in the future.

Best regards,


Hey everyone ,
Hope all are doing great , well i am a Ragz , a total new amateur in the field of coding and want to learn iOS app and gaming , will real try and work hard here ,and want to have a knowledge of app and game development,


Great, I’m glad to have you in the course.

I will probably restructure some of the beginning content, but I do appreciate your feedback.

I wanted to show both code and UI, but I feel that it might make more sense to show some basic UI storyboarding and then how to customize it in code with the animations.

Did you post your images/video on the solution for the first app challenge?


Greetings! My name is Michael. I have a BS in IT that I completed in 2011. I currently work as a Nuclear Medicine Field Service Engineer and have been in the field for the last 15 or so years. I’ve tinkered around with different programming languages over the years, but would really like to step it up a notch and get more involved and proficient. This is where discipline comes in because I am usually very busy, as is everyone it seems. It would be great to develop an app that I could sell. It would be amazing to be an independent app developer, or to even be a part of a team developing something. Cheers!


Hi, Craig from New Zealand. I have a background of programming but not on IOS.


Hi Everyone!

I hope all is going well and you’re enjoying your day! My name is Win and I have am a beginner with app development. I have taken some python classes simultaneously to this and looking to supplement my learning with app building. I am looking forward to learning how to build apps to help change my career path that I am currently on. Thank you in advance for your team work and speak soon!




My name is Tony Armstrong…good to meet you all! I’m currently a business analyst at a large consulting firm, a role I transitioned to after 15 years of software and programming experience. I’ve got Java experience (an expired Java certification from the former Sun Microsystems), Perl experience, HTML/CSS/Javascript, and Objective-C experience.

I’m looking to become a Swift master. I have several app ideas and I’d rather write them in Swift for a number of reasons,

I don’t know if I want to go back to development for anyone but myself. But I definitely want to get a couple apps to the iTunes App Store!


Hi! My name is David. I’m looking forward to learning about iOS development in hopes of translating some of my ideas into apps. I have many years of tech support experience, as well as project management, and web development. Thanks in advance for the support!


Hello All.
My name is Terrece. I am currently and IT Director for a K-12 Public School District in Texas. I wan to learn to write for iOS devices to hopefully facilitate more custom in-house tools for our use and managing our systems.
Great to meet you all.