Introduce yourself


I’m a long-time programmer, looking forward to learning SWIFT and maybe some things I didn’t know about the iOS ecosystem along the way.



I’m an developer of 20 years working largely on the Microsoft stack (.NET). Looking to expand my knowledge into iOS / Swift - initially from a personal point of view. Bought my first Macbook this year and like any other long term computer geek (!) I’m looking to take advantage of the platform and see if it inspires me…



Hello, I’m Dave and I’ve been out of the programming world for a while now, but I have developed for the Blackberry back in the day, and looking to learn how to make simple apps for the time being, and get something on the app store eventually.


Hello! My name is Pete Stockley.

I have a few years of C# and PHP coding and have had a year or so working with Windows Phone apps, even published a game called Letter Link.

I would like to learn Swift and the Xcode environment.

I would like to create an iOS app for a project i have in mind.


Hi Everyone,

I’m David from Indonesia currently living in Bali I learned programming when majoring IT in University, loved programming back then, however since programming is not luxurious job back then I was working related to network, configuring VLAN, firewall in CISCO, crimping RJ45 and so on.
Until one day I finally switch to software related works developing time share software and PMS System (.NET) for internal company, and now I promise my self for one day I will be self-employed developing apps in iOS.
I hope following this tutorial will help me to achieve my dream shortly.

-David B


Hello, Programming always is my interest when I have enough time. I have a basic on some Programming Languages like C# and Objective C.

I have many things want to learn in iOS Programming, the most I want to learn is about data management, CoreData, iClound and Gaming.

I have fun when I can build my own app and I wish I can build some interesting apps and sell it on appstore.


Danny in Miami… I have had an app concept for a while now and it is time to start learning how to code it and make it happen. My career is actually in cell phone forensics, so learning how to read code and understand the structure of the data in iOS devices while I do this is a great benefit to me as well. I have tried to dedicate time to learning in the past, hopefully THIS will be the course that really does it for me.


Hello All,

My name is Lindsey

  1. My background is consulting. I’ve worked a little bit with Python programming in college, but have not used it since then (been about 3 yrs)

  2. I would like to learn the basics of programming to re-introduce myself to the concept

  3. I would like to learn enough to be able to be apps for other people on the side in addition to my regular work.

Glad to join the conversation!


I am Sue, I am a Test Manager and have business analysis and Project Management behind me too. I have app ideas and am keep to learn how to develop the ideas and do the whole process myself instead of looking to outsource, certainly for the small app ideas. Looking forward to getting started today.



My name is João, from Porto, Portugal. I’m a psychotherapist, with no background experience whatsoever – I enrolled out of sheer curiosity, loving new challenges --, so my main goal is to get familiar with what can be achieved in terms of coding for iOS and maybe indulge in some experiments on my own :blush:

I’m not looking to switch careers, just to expand my skills, so no pressure, this’ll be fun!


I’m a Filemaker developer with a little ObjectiveC experience and have been using Swift since last July. Usually I work exclusively on MacOS, but I want to learn more about iOS, particularly UIKit-specific methods and properties since that will make it easier to follow discussion.
I’m working on a desktop app, and will be focussing on that, but I might implement one or the other idea on my phone, particularly now that the developer program allows me to deploy directly to devices.


Hello All!
I’m Adolfo and I am new to iOS programming…
I hope you can help me through the course.



I am Joeri from Belgium. I take this course because i want to become an ios developer. 3 years ago i did a first attempt to building ios apps with obj-c but swift looks more easier to learn. Because of swift i try it again and i hope that i it will go better in learning. I watched the first vids in the course and it is easy to follow.


greetings all

my name is Jeff… I spent 30+ years as a hardware/software engineer… but I havent written a line of code in about 10 years so my skills are beyond rusty and I am looking to rehone/reaquire some programming skills so I can start writing my own apps instead of calling friends to do it for me


My name is Steve and I am retired. I have done some programming in the past and and want to learn to program the iPhone.


Hi all! I’m Paul Chin, and I’m super stoked about all this!

I’m a graphic and UI designer who’s designed apps and content before, but I’ve always really wanted to learn even basic dev skills. I feel like understanding how to build apps will make my approach to design a lot better informed.

There’s just one app I’ve always wanted to build and, after making the Days Old Calculator, I feel good about how attainable that goal is.


Awesome, looks nice Paul!


Hello World,

LOL! I thought that my intro would be most appropriate for a computer forum.

My name is Rand and I am a retired programmer with decades of experience in the Microsoft arena. However I am new to the Apple systems - my last Apple experience was with AppleSoft on the Apple ][ in the early 1980’s. I’ve worked with many languages from FORTRAN to AppleSoft BASIC to SQL Server, but my all time favorite was Turbo Pascal.

I want to learn the Apple languages not only for fun but also to keep my mind sharp. If I manage to come up with commercially viable apps, that would be a bonus.



My name is Jeff, I am retired and living in Florida, but I was a former hardware/software guy for almost 33 years…

What’s your background experience?

Started as a programmer long long ago in a galaxy far far away… no, seriously… my first job out of college was working for NASA as a software engineer - my next job was as a Hardware Evangelist at Apple - then, like Paul and most good ex-Apple employees, I started my own company developing FireWire products - last time I wrote a line of code was about 15 years ago so…

What do you want to learn?

I want to ‘re-learn’ programming so I can take the ideas that shoot thru my head and hopefully make at least one good app out of all the ideas that go in one ear and out the other and not have to call friends to code for me any more…

Do you want to sell an app or switch careers?

would be nice to sell an app


Hello All,

My name is Tom Waker and I work as a systems administrator for the city of Salinas located in the central coast of California or 50 miles south of Silicon Valley. I have worked in the IT field for some 30 plus years. The programming field was always attractive to me since my introduction to computer science in the early 80’s. I worked at Apple as a SQA contractor in the Macintosh Programmers Workshop for awhile but decided to go back to the Systems Administration field working at Bio Tech companies in the Silicon Valley.

I was present at the MacWorld show when Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world and I knew right away that there would be some wonderful opportunities on the IOS platform. My initial foray into programming in Objective-C was frustrating as there were many areas of this programming language that was very difficult for me to master. Then came Swift which still is a challenge to learn but much easier to work with.

My goal is to become a professional IOS developer and leave my current career. So I look forward to learning right along with everybody and interacting with you on this forum.