Introduce yourself


Hi Everyone,

My name is Suresh Kumar and I am from Malaysia.
I have no programming experience but have always wanted to learn programming. Have a few ideas for iOs apps and am super excited to take this course.
I want to be able to create iOS apps and with this course and help from fellow members I am sure it would be a productive adventure.
My goal is to put an iPhone app into the app store.


Hello everybody.
JJP from Paris (new comer)
Very glad to start IOS dev with swift2
I have some experience in dev (C etc …) but not in Iphone dev.
Cocoa etc … was not so easy to learn.


I’ve been an Unix System Admin since ‘92 and I’m tired of dealing with bad programming logic & programmers who don’t listen to their users’ requests. I want to develop my own programs & work with users to improve my apps.
I always want to work from home as an independent developer, since I’m tired of the rush hour commute. Yea! I’m a dreamer.


Hello Paul, Hello everyone!

My name is Dave (or Woody… owing to my surname and someone that i used to work with that found it funny!) and I live in London.

Ive worked in IT in various capacities for nearly a decade and have always had an interest in programming. Bit of a jack of all trades, master of none, but i can code/script using Powershell, VBA, VB.Net, VBScript, SQL, HTML as well as some basic Java. Im a bit of a geek and enjoy all things Apple (except the prices!).

I have an idea for an app which I really want to make something off (don’t we all!), and thats the end goal, but along the way i just want to learn something new and expand my horizons.

Looking forward to crunching through the courses of evenings and weekends and when ever else i can squeeze it in.

Hope i can be a valuable member of the community and looking forward to bouncing ideas off you all too!

Good luck, happy coding and speak soon! :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Raif from Oman, telecom engineer, master in ISM. I love apps never had chance to learn about it , although i have zero experience in programming but like to learn how the apps works. i want to develop apps which can be useful and helpful to others … make their life easier. I want also to integrate and develop apps that can work with Arduino.



HI All - my name is Nathan.

I started looking into mobile apps about a year ago to complement my passion for electronics (as a hobby). I have built an unpublished App that works and talks to a Bluetooth Low Energy device. It is not though very maintainable nor does it scale appropriately for the various screen sizes.

I am very interested in creating Apps that interface using bluetooth and wifi with hardware devices that I either build myself or are already available on the market.

My eventual goal is to publish Apps that are useful to like minded enthusiasts as well as schools/learning establishments. I would of course also like to earn back something from the investment so that I can continue developing and improving products for Users as well as improve my knowledge and understanding of App development.



I’m ice and i have no more practice in coding, a starter who want to develop my own apps on IOS
for utility and gaming


Hi everyone
My name is Kevin and I studied electrical engineering and work in the field of power electronics. I was always interessted in programming and like to learn to program iPhone Apps in my free time. Although I’m not sure how much time i’ll have to invest into this because i’ll start in a new job position in a new company next tuesday :blush:



I am late to the party. My name is Masood. I am a Engineer working with Smart Building Technologies and Home Automation Systems for last 20 years. I want to learn how to develop app on iPhone for Healthcare monitoring and ecommerce with virtual try.
I want develop app for virtual try Glasses or Jewelry. This requires taking data from multiple sensors and Camera to do measurement of Face features in inches or centimeters so that we could suggest Glasses or Jewelry.

I would like to collaborate with like minded people having similar interest thru this forum.
Best regards



Hi I’m Dania, I’m a web developer and have done one phone app using phone gap. I hope to get a much greater understanding of phone apps with this course.


That’s totally doable! I wish you luck in actualizing your dream it’s a good one.


great! I can’t wait to see more blue tooth apps! I need to do one for a coffee scale. =)


very cool! I’m glad to have an opportunity to get you up and running with an iPhone app.


Very nice idea!

Warby Parker is doing this using a credit card + photo of your face for sizing purposes.


Glad to have you here @daniamorris !


Hi -
This is my first year teaching an app development class at an all Apple middle school. We are using the MIT AppInventor program. It is developmentally appropriate, but the students are eager to learn coding for their own devices. My goal is to learn Swift so I can teach middle school students next Fall.


Hello to one and all,

My name is Jules based in London, UK starting this course as a way of learning about the ins and outs of building myself some apps which could eventually help hopefully not too long from now with my music projects as a music presenter. My only experience of programming was in building myself a website using html a very, very long time ago… how ancient does that make me sound!!! Since then I’ve not had any other experiences of programming or coding but I am keen to learn about building apps!!!


Hello my name is Mark Thibault. I’m a software engineer with a backend (systems) engineering background (C,C++,C#). I’ve developed in C# for Windows Mobile and Objective-C for iOS.
I’m looking to learn the Swift language and I find going through a course can force me to go through the steps.
My goal is to use Swift for future iOS apps, although I do not have one in mind at this time.


Hey All my name is John and I am really excited or should I say “Super” Excited to be learning with you. I was a Ironworker for 25 years and have gotten hurt to the point that I can no longer work. Before that I was a Professional Photographer. Computer software and tech has always intrigued me and I have always wanted to learn how to code.

What’s your background experience?
I have no experience coming into this. My Photography skills brought me to Photoshop and have always been somewhat artistic. I think what will help me is my management skills as I had supervised some large projects and made sure we came in under budget.
Do you want to sell an app or switch careers?
I would love to get some apps on the app store. I have a few ideas that I think are awesome and want to see those through. I believe in the near future we will be looking at apps not webpages.

I have a great feeling about this course and love being part of a community that is I feel is striving to get to the same place as I am. This is “Super Awesome”!


Hi. I’m Rob with 25 years semiconductor manufacturing experience. I’m a part-time developer looking to go full time. I believe this is the place to make that happen. I’m looking forward to learning more about…

  1. Error handling
  2. Getting Core Data into my skull (it’s thick and dense, sometimes)
  3. Actually, I’m looking forward to learning more about everything Swift etc.
  4. I have been self-taught for about 2 years before joining Paul’s courses.
  5. I have two apps on the store and I’m in the process of updating them and adding value to drive up sales.

Some boilerplate code from Core Data shared below (part of the homework).

  // MARK: - Core Data Saving support

  func saveContext () {
      if managedObjectContext.hasChanges {
          do {
          } catch {
              // Replace this implementation with code to handle the error appropriately.
              // abort() causes the application to generate a crash log and terminate. You should not use this function in a shipping application, although it may be useful during development.
              let nserror = error as NSError
              NSLog("Unresolved error \(nserror), \(nserror.userInfo)")

Questions and feedback are always welcome.