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Hi everyone,

My name is Drewgost and I live in Massachusetts, USA. I work in the elevator industry and I am getting close to retirement (57). My desire is to become very good at App development so I can make this my (job when I grow up). I have a very simple App in the store that I built and Apple accepted it and that was fun. I have been working with Paul’s courses for a while now and I am learning different functions every time I watch a video.
I have a desire to build apps helping with time management as well as a very delicate App for the elevator industry.
Unfortunately, as Paul is aware I am sure, my time is very limited to studying and working on my Apps (jobs always get in the way of fun) but my plan is to work on them at night and weekends.
As far as learning I want to learn more on timers and storing the data on the phone (like addresses) and being able to search for them.



Yes that’s a real challenge. NSCoding with keyed archiving is easier to start for flat data.

But once you need a DB (i.e. more than ~2000 entries and you need to do searches) then you’d need to use either CoreData or Realm locally. Adding in a server then adds another format that needs to be able to communicate from your server’s db format to your app’s db format.

Very cool! What kind of apps would help with elevators?

I’m working to provide some new supplemental materials and organization (lesson PDFs + speed coding videos) to help you refresh your memory between your study sessions.


One that I am working on has to do with the time management and the other one is a database to store all job entries that you can pull up for information on the job. And the big one I am net ready to mention needs connecting wifi.
Big challenge there for me.


Hey all! I’m one of those guys who has dabbled in development (mainly web) on and off but never really became a hard-core developer. I am a mobile UX designer, so I know oodles about designing for mobile (iOS, Android and Windows). I’ve dabbled in iOS development, but there’s a lot of backstory that I’m not familiar with (read: I don’t know Objective C, C#, C, or any other language related to iOS development), so it’s hard to keep going with some of these courses. Also, time is a huge factor but that’s on me to dedicate myself to getting through the course. Looking forward to Paul’s series and will hopefully get this “mobile development” thing under my belt by summer!

I want to be comfortable with the language of iOS. I want to understand, from a high level, the organization of the language and how to use Object Oriented Programming. Syntax comes with repetition, so I’ve got to buckle down and learn it.

One of my goals is to make my own animated story apps for kids. I’m an illustrator and have a lot of ideas for interactive or just alternative stories. Would love to have a series in the store.