iOS 12 App Challenge: Introduce yourself


Welcome to the iOS 12 App Challenge!

Please introduce yourself:

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What are 3 interesting facts about you?
  3. Why did you join the challenge?

  1. Rochester, NY
  2. I love to run, play frisbee, and cook
  3. I want to make an app that my Mom can use in her Diabetes Training classes (and I want more practice designing apps from scratch)

  1. Spain
  2. Love aeronautics, interested in coding and Swift
  3. I want to learn to code!

  1. Where are you from? Charlotte NC.

  2. What are 3 interesting facts about you?
    A-Work Construction.
    B-Started late in this game - 52 years old.
    C-Not looking for a job Coding purely hobby which is a downfall for inspiration and motivation.

  3. Why did you join the challenge?
    I want to build a couple apps for myself that no one else is doing or I think should be better.


Nice! I want to visit Spain, Steph (my wife) studied abroad there for a semester.

I need to practice my Spanish!

What’s your background? And what do you want to do with code?

Awesome, that’s always been my motivation. That’s why I started Brew Coffee app and … that’s why I made Super Easy Timer (which has made over $600 since June!)


Where are you from?

  • Kampala, Uganda

What are 3 interesting facts about you?

  • I’m a Telecommunication Engineer
  • I’m Star Trek fan
  • I support Manchester United

Why did you join the challenge?

  • Looking for a career from Telecommunication to App development
  • My mum passed away from Diabetes in 2010 so building such an app would help some else from having to go through that same loss

  1. Canberra, Australia

2a. Have a plan to retire in 5 years from my current career - IT Management
2b. Turned 50 this year - and have been dabbling in iOS for 4 years with no Apps published
2c. Build my own circuit boards and small electronic projects. Currently building small displays using edge lit Acrylic (think old tube like displays) using Bluetooth/Wifi

  1. Got into the challenge as I have worked with Paul in the past and still have a personal goal of finishing my App. I keep plugging away - always


I’m from India
Interesting facts are Simple guy with interest in cooking and programmer by profession
To introduce my open source contributions and build my personal idea

  1. India
  2. Travelling, playing games , eating awesome food.
  3. Has been planning to make an app for a long while, but kept putting it off.


1 - Newbury UK
2 - I love to play gospel piano, sing and experimenting cooking different dishes
3 - I would like create my first app and have it published on the App Store, I have had this ambition since 2010!

  1. San Antonio, Texas
  2. I work in a Funeral Home, I enjoy meeting new people, I have an obsession with creativity
  3. I joined to gain experience and learn from amazing ideas

  1. California, USA
  2. Retired software developer, interested in Astronomy and now mostly coding as a hobby.
  3. I have been writing small programs as a hobby since my first computer, Apple IIe in 1984 and I
    want to continue writing apps for my iMac.


Awesome! What Mac app are you working on @tedc99 ?


I am still working on the Quadratic Formula app. I have the basics of it working on MacOS and am building the iOS version now. It is a simple app and I am mostly just using it to learn and practice input and output.