iOS 12 App Challenge (Share your ideas)


Join the September iOS 12 App Challenge

  1. Download and explore the Diabetes Risk Test PDF
  2. Watch the App Idea Summary (13 min)
  3. Post your sketches and your ideas for the Diabetes Risk Test here.


Mind map



Here are mine! A bit messy btw!



Looks great to me! I love the progress bar concept. =)

There’s also the little dots, which might be another progress indication, but a progress bar is simple enough to understand.


Nice work with the single screen design. I didn’t think of it, but that can make it easier to get all the inputs together.

Having pop-ups is a nice feature where you can walk through the questions one at a time without transitioning.

Hopefully, we can get more happy :smiley: faces instead of sad :disappointed: faces!


I spent 20 minutes to brainstorm additional ideas this morning.

  1. Depending on who is going to use the app, I would design it differently
    1. An educator who’s trying to quickly assess a group of people might want to track results on a separate screen
    2. A home user might just want to go through an interactive questionnaire and figure out next steps.
  2. Who are you building your app for?
    1. I’m building the app for my Mom to use in her workshops, and that’s going to influence the design choices I make.

One of the interesting things is that we can use “skip logic” when someone enters “Male” or “Female”, since Men don’t get pregnant.

  1. It would be neat to include facts about how many people are at risk (and more insights/tips)
  2. On the “finish” screen I’d like to show additional details in a Tab Bar UI.


These are my mockups for next class!
I’ve designed a more “nicer” UI with Sketch!
I’m done with tomorrows homework! I will now try to set it up into X-Code.
Glad to see your opinions!