iOS and Mac Apps that I would pay for ($4.99 - $99)


Here are some ideas for apps that I would pay for, but haven’t found either on Mac or iOS. These might be an interesting project to work on, since you can commercialize them for $4.99 - $99. Below I’ll list things that I want to buy and a price range that would be the minimum starting point that I’m excited to pay.

Video Water Mark Software for Mac 10.10+ ($19.99 - $99.99)

  • Modern video watermark software to process 100+ videos at a time using batch exporting

  • Add image watermark (resize/position/transparency)

  • Add text watermark (resize/position/transparency)

  • Must use AVFoundation (GPU/CPU accelerated)

  • Needs batch rendering support (Drag and drop list with add/remove/filepath destination)

  • UI needs to be responsive, do loading in background and update main thread.

  • Support at least .mp4 and .mov file format (more for other users)

  • Similar to VideoMark, iLove Video Watermark, or Watermark Video (read reviews or download for flaws)


Have you tried using the watermark function in Compressor? You can create a still or video water mark. Just make sure you export to an ProRes 4444 so compressor can see the alpha channel.

This is a pretty good tutorial.


I haven’t tried it, but I will take a look at Compressor again.

I havne’t been saving in ProRes for everything right now, maybe I need to be doing that.


The ProRess 4444 is only necessary for your watermark graphic as I understand it so Compressor can remove the alpha level. The videos you want to add the watermark to can be other (much smaller) formats.

I was working with some 4k ProRes files yesterday and an 8 min clip was 24 gigs! Yikes.


A lot of my video exports have been 4gb with ProRes (Mastering from Final Cut Pro X), however all my longer videos from app panels were closer to 50-60gb in ProRes! Huge!