Is live chat an option?


Hi Paul, does this board have any option for a live chat with history ? or an IRC channel might be another option?


Not right now. It’s something I’m considering, but I don’t have enough bandwidth to moderate or answer questions real-time.

Is anyone else interested in it?

I’d ideally like to hire TAs to help answer questions if I were to offer live chat.

My preference is HipChat, but it’s also a paid service per user. That’s an additional on-going cost. I’d have to charge a monthly fee to support both iPhone TAs and the chat service.

I don’t like IRC, but that is an option if you just want to chat. I find that the people there can be pretty negative for beginners.


I know it’s potential distraction from getting course material done etc but it might also help some frustration for students when you spend some time and your just not finding the answers.

If it’s public channel then anyone can drop in - have found the IRC chat for unity to be helpful at times when i was stuck and the forums where not responsive. The downside to having chat external from this site just means that info gathered is split to another place and your already collecting info in two places (this forum and the lesson comments section).

There is a IRC channel on Freenode, #Swift-Lang but i was thinking more of channel specific to your course/lessons.

Thanks for considering this option