Kickstarted Question


Hi, @PaulSolt

I am a bit confused about the KS campaigns and I am guessing I might not be the only one.
Could you please shed some light on it?




Email me any additional questions at

With all the changes to Swift 2 I’m launching a new beginner course to bridge the gap from my previous Swift and iOS 8 Apps in 31 Days course.

The iPhone games + Apple Watch + Real World app courses will be completed using the new Swift 2 syntax.


Good luck with the new project. Would there be any discount for people who bought the full package last year?


Yes there are some early bird discounts available if you back it now.


Hi Paul. I just can’t find the link to this new course.
Am I still eligible to the discount as bought the course months ago?
Thank you in advance!


@lucasrezende send me an email with your request: