Kickstarter Backers - How to Redeem your Pledge Reward Level


I’m not sure if Kickstarter’s website is buggy, or if there are issues getting messages.

Option 1

Check your inbox for a collapsed message from me using Kickstarter’s messages. It might be in your Spam folder or in one of Gmails tabs (Primary, Social, Promotion)

Option 2

  1. If you don’t see it, login to or go directly to your Kickstarter Messages

  2. Follow the screenshots below to find a message from Paul Solt with the course coupon codes.

  3. Click on your Profile image in the top right corner.

  4. Click on the Messages link in the popup window. Search for “Paul” or “Paul Solt”

  5. Scroll up through the previous messages to find the course links and coupon codes.

  6. Click on each course link and enroll for each course. There may be 1-5 links to activate depending on your Reward Level.

  7. Bookmark and login to the first course, Swift and iOS 8 Apps in 31 Days, and start the 1st lesson.

Course Link:

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