Macin the cloud



Does anyone know a good free alternative for macinthecloud? I can’t use vm because i can’t activate virtualization in the bios.


My recommended alternative is to borrow a Mac from a friend or family member.

I’m not positive if that setting is required in bios, but it really depends on how old your computer is.

Have you tried googling “virtual box install yosemite” ? This is outside my expertise, so I can’t help beyond pointing you to look for the answer on Google.

Getting a Mac is really a priority for making apps these days. Many of my students complain how slow a VM or MacInCloud are with Xcode.



I decided to give mac in cloud a chance. It is a bit slow but it is better then nothing. I can now follow the course and do the exercices and that is what o want. So for now o can live with this.