Microsoft Azure for iPhone Apps?


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Has anyone worked with Azure in iPhone apps? I’m interested in learning about what worked or didn’t work. Thanks!


Definitely more complicated than Parse. Most probably Firebase is a more appropriate solution for demos, tutorials and examples.

There is another alternative, since Parse is open source now you can deploy the server on your own server.

If you want to play with Azure DocumentDB which will make more sense for real applications that needs scaling out in the future then check this tutorials.

You can always create a Node.js backend and connect it with any data store.

As I said, Azure is not so easy to figure out as Parse was, they made it more configurable, which might be something you’re not looking for but as soon as you get the feel you’re up and running fast.


I personally prefer staying away from MS as much as possible :smiley:
A lot of people consider going to MongoDB, Amazon and others.
Here is a write up for going to Amazon WS:

Also, there is a big chance you can just use CloudKit, which, if possible, would be the most easy/native way to go.( my option of choice at least :slight_smile: )


Yes, firebase looks super simple to integrate compared to any other option (CloudKit included). Very easy choice for a quick prototype.

Thanks for the article on migrating from Parse Push. =)

Yes, this seems like the best bet if you’re not prototyping. However, it feels like a ton of work to get setup for a quick prototype. Depending on the app, I might recommend trying firebase first as a proof of concept before committing to all the CloudKit/iCloud setup.