Old objectc project ios with xib and compatibility with ipadpro 2018


hi, i have a old project ios with over 400 xib view not autolayout and i would like to use some view adaptive to all screen of ipad pro 2018, any suggestion for make by code?


That’s a lot of views.

  1. Are there any duplicate views?
  2. Can you try and convert one or two screens as a test to see the process?
  3. Is the app making money, or is this an app for a company?


Some views are similar, what can do for try some views?!it s a business app with over 1000 customers that use it…

Is not possible enable autolayout fill for main views ? When app start now fhe frame is 1024x768 like old ipad


any api for zoom into all screen the actual view?


Split it into multiple storyboards, and use storyboard references to refer to other screens.

Is it published on the App Store?

You can double click on a Scene in the Document Outline to zoom to a particular view controller.


thanks very much, i will try… yep the app is VanigliaPro on appstore


You can try an issolate a few screens by copy/paste to another project to test updating to Auto Layout, before you make massive project changes.

For Storyboard references make the Reference ID match the Storyboard ID in the other .storyboard file.

You can also try the “Refactor to Storyboard” option from the Editor menu after selecting one or more screens.