Question on lesson 11


Hi @PaulSolt,

Great stuff on lesson 11. I finally understood the Multiplier field! Nice feature.

On a side note, I can only see lessons 11.1 to 11.4.
Have you hit the publish button? :black_joker:


  • Fernando


@Fernando I didn’t get that far yet.

I’ve got my notes and the code, but I’ve been running around like a chicken without a head. It doesn’t help that I’m not sleeping.

There’s at least 6 more videos to do, plus some extras (new mini series in development). I’m working on a Kickstarter update and I need to run a poll for doing the Apple Watch course before the Real World app course.

Tomorrow morning I hope to film again. It’s going to be amazing when I get it down, I’m loving the new menu system that I’m using in Swift!


Posted the followup Day 11 video on aspect ratios based on heights/widths.

More to come on the logic for presenting using View Controller containment and custom animations.


Nice! No worries, take your time. Just wanted to confirm. I have loads of investigations on my backlog. Thanks for the update.


Paul, as always, great videos. I’m looking forward to the Real World app course but also would like to learn about WatchKit as I want to add this to my apps in the AppStore. My vote would be for WatchKit first.

Do you have an ETA on your next crop of videos for SpriteKit?





Sorry for the delay. How is your project?

I should start filming this week – I know it’s been a bit of time. I had to deal with a ton of new issues with the website and some planning.

Xcode 6.3 beta and Swift 1.2 through a wrench is some of the work – so I’m working to publish the new course on Swift 1.2 conversion to help mitigate any issues.

That course will be added to the Swift app/game course as a bundle addition (free for any paid student).