Recommendations for Swift resources on SceneKit


Hello everyone. I was wondering the community here had any recommendations on learning more about SceneKit for IOS 8 in SWIFT. I have watched all the videos from WWDC 2014 and downloaded their sample code. The challenge I face from Apple are these amazing examples that get my really excited about the power of SceneKit and then all the code is in Objective C.

This whole presentation was written using SceneKit which is a great intro to the API and a very slick presentation…and in Objective C.

I have found these and really liked them (both in SWIFT).

Other than that do you think that it is mostly because SWIFT is so knew that those with expertise are more likely to show example in what they know which is Objective C? Super excited by the cool things people are going to do with SceneKit.


Most of the example code at WWDC 2014 is in Objective-C because very few people at Apple knew about Swift. It was a closely guarded secret.

Future videos, maybe the upcoming Tech Talks will include Swift with SceneKit, otherwise I do plan to make a video about it as part of my upcoming Swift Game course (mostly SpriteKit).

Would a tutorial on how to convert Objective-C code into Swift code help?



Hi Paul,

I know I personally would really benefit from a tutorial that guides you through Objective C /Swift translation. The more I have gone through your tutorials and others, the more Swift syntax starts to make sense. Then I look at Obj C and it is wonky to me.


I’d look at this upcoming book on Scene Kit. Though it does look like it’ll be Objective-C.