Sound effects stopped working after renaming Mac computer


While my account is now working, there’s the strange result of my apps losing their sound effects that were previously working.

Xcode account expired after a couple months?

My guess is that if you hard coded sound file paths in code, those paths don’t work anymore.

Did you get this to work again?

Learn anything new about the problem?


I apologize; this turned out to be something different altogether. I’m a new owner of the iPhone 8, and the problem was nothing but that little switch being flipped, on the top-left corner edge of the iPhone. That switch was muting my apps, while my phone still had audio for internet content (and ringer etc.), so it was not obvious that there was a separate volume switch and setting, which was turned off.

It seems that there was never any actual problem with my apps and their sound effects (beyond the account errors that came from renaming my iMac, lol).


Good to know! Thanks.

Depending on how you play sound effects, the volume buttons can mute them.