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:video_game: Game Development Study Group :video_game:

My dear friends, let us connect and create awesome games?

We could initially focus on Sprite Kit, taking advantage of Paul’s next course.
But we don’t have to stop there. The sky’s the limit!

We have a Slack group now:
Connect by sending me a private message. :wink:


Count me in into your group :slight_smile:


Social network driven Study Group.

Is there any folks into building a social app ?
Closest references are Secret, Quora, Reddit.

Pascal Andy / my current project


I’m interested in the Social Network Group.


Any other ‘newbies’ out there?
We may need each others input!


Australian backer here. With the little issue of time zone difference - I would like to have a few people in this region of the world to bounce with.

I am a newbie also, so anyone please jump in. is best to get me.


Hi @magoo246,

I believe I fall into the “newbie” group and would love to team up. @HadenOutlaw and I already planned to work together, so the more the merrier!


Have you started ?

Pascal Andy / my current project


Hey guys,

Anyone in Montreal or in the New-York time zone?,2643743,6077243,5391959&h=6077243&date=2014-9-15&sln=11-20

I’m looking to study in duo, just for the sake of helping me not chocking this course.

Pascal Andy / my current project


Anyone else added?
Thank CameronBrown & HadenOutlaw.


Hi Fernando

I’d love to join your game dev study group, but I can’t work out how to send a private message on this forum! :smiley:


I’ll send you a private message.

(To send a private message, just click on a name and then “Private Message”.)


@Garry and @Fernando

I think there are restrictions on private message for new users.

That option might not be available if they haven’t posted or interacted with other students through the forum.


@PaulSolt Yes I think you’re right. I wonder if that can be altered in the forum settings. As your forum members are paying customers it makes sense to have less restrictions.

Actually this forum software looks very interesting and I might try it out on my next site. phpBB is getting ever more old fashioned and hassle to maintain.


Hi, @magoo248 and @CameronBrown
I am a nube and interested in talking to other nubes.
Not sure I’ll be able to keep up with the “31 day plan” as I typically play catchup during the weekends. But, if you don’t mind adding me, would be great.


We set up a slack for our group!

Send me a private message with your e-mail address if you want an invite.

(Alternatively, if you cannot send private messages, send an e-mail to:


Chrono Trigger! What a game. I’d love to join. I’ve sent you an email.


HI @Fernando! I was looking around to see if anyone had made a gamedev Slack, and saw your post. I was wondering if this is specific to your study group / iOS. I would love to have a Slack community for all trades of gamedev and wanted to see if that’s what you were going for. If so, I’d love an invite :).

Also, this is the only reference to the Slack team I’ve found. Would you be interested in publicizing it more (say, post in /r/gamedev?).



Greetings, @jamalcodes! The main goal of that Slack team is to share information on game development. It focus (but it’s not limited to) the iOS platform with SpriteKit and / or other engines. It’s open to all game developers out there (wannabes or not). You are welcome to participate. We are creating channels to discuss a variety of topics like, say, Unity. So yeah, send me a private message with your e-mail if you are still interested. More publicity is welcomed too. :wink: