[Swift 1] Day 10 - Objects and Dates


Day 10
Today we’re going to learn more about objects and working with time on iPhone. You’ll learn how to use the NSDate class and the NSTimer class to provide real-time feedback in your apps.

  • Day 10 Lesson - learn about Objects, dates, and timers.
  • Code Exercise: Event Count Down - find out when your next event is going to happen.


Videos coming tomorrow (10/16).

We’re working with dates, time, and learning more about objects.

  1. We’ll build a Stop Watch

  2. You’ll build a Event Count Down Timer


Update: Oct 16th: Day 9+10 materials will be combined. The lessons were a lot longer than expected. I’ll try and get it posted tonight.

News: 7:40pm 10/16 Tomorrow (10/17) I’ll be on an App Panel with a few other developers (Zombie Highway, Square, and Fantastical). I’m planning to get the event recorded, so you’ll be able to watch it.

Weekend Challenge
Make a Photo Collage or Meme Generator. You’ll work with loading images, delegate objects, and arrays.

I have Q&A videos that are recorded, but I need to edit and upload… lots of videos on the backlog right now.

PS Email me if you have any pressing issues: PaulSolt@iPhoneDev.tv