[Swift 1] Day 17 - Custom UIView and Inheritance


Start the Day 17 Lecture.

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Hi Paul,
Is the new content after Day 15 being posted on the Udemy course?

I assumed that the content after Day 15 that’s being posted here is also part of the Udemy course.

Thanks for your great work here, very helpful.



It will be soon. I don’t have an ETA yet.


Thanks for your reply. Is there a way to see the content here for people who are signed up to Udemy course? While the details of posting content on udemy are worked out, one can access the remaining days here.


Send me an email at PaulSolt@iPhoneDev.tv and I’ll followup.

In the email, let me know:

  1. What’s your Udemy username/email login?
  2. When did you enroll?


Thanks Paul, I sent the email with requested information. Looking forward to hearing from you.