[Swift 1] Day 9 - Top App Challenge Results + Functions


Head on over to Day 7 to see the Top App Challenge Results. Take a look at the screenshots, videos, and source code that has been submitted.


Today’s lesson will be on functions and how they can be used in apps to make your code modular. Much like a car, there are a lot of parts involved with making an iPhone app. Functions are an organization tool for programmers to make code reusable, modular, and testable.

Instead of writing 1000’s of lines of code, you can write 5-50 and encapsulate behavior inside a function, and you can reuse it. It allows you to avoid copy and pasting large amounts of redundant code, because a function is a block of code that is given a name, which you can invoke anywhere.

Lesson Links (Later tonight)

  • Day 9 Lecture on Functions
  • Day 9 Code Exercise

Update - 2PM

  • I’m working to film some helpful videos based on feedback from the first week.