[Swift 2] Day 2 - Game images and character movement


Post any questions, solutions, or code here for Day 2.

What kind of game do you want to make?

Game Lessons


Working on a Quest kind of game for now. Next one is RPG :wink:
I thought Quest will be easier, since I don’t plan on any dynamics.


@PaulSolt , which one do you think it’s better to use for saving game data ?
I am currently working with CoreData for saving it, but someone had told me that CoreData is slower, compared to the
NSKeyedArchiver. Recommendations ? Oh, plus the annoyance of doing migrations every time I decide to change a model or store…


For simplicity, I would start with NSKeyedArchiver. (Keep reading below)

Data migrations may require more steps, especially when you’re prototyping new features and aren’t sure if there are new properties to add.

NSKeyedArchiving will be slower if you have more than ~200+ objects being saved, but that shouldn’t be a big issue. If you save in the background (which you should) you don’t have to worry much about performance.

Core Data has much better support for fast saving data, since you don’t need to write the entire file to disk.

Again, always just get it working. If it’s working now with Core Data, don’t bother changing back unless you really, really need to.


Thanks! I’ll leave it as is for now :wink: