[Swift Game] Day 13 - App Challenge Gameplay Music


Post a video of your game running with your own custom gameplay music track.

Record your music track and gameplay using QuickTime and post your video onto YouTube.

Video - YouTube

QuickTime can only record the audio from a real device, you can’t capture the audio with a screen recording.

Record your iPhone/iPad via USB lightning cable (plug it into your computer)

  • QuickTime > File > New Movie Recording > Choose your iPhone

Audio - SoundCloud

Upload your audio file to SoundCloud.com to share a link to the music.


Gameplay video with some music.


Just create a new loop for my game, sharing it here :slight_smile:
Was just thinking about becoming more serious about getting back to the music field lol
That should keep me entertained for a while :wink:


Here is a short video, after I was finally able to run it on ios9 :smiley:
Still very buggy and not ready for testing :smile:


Awesome updates to your game!

I love the chasing missiles!