Swift, Spritekit and OSX


Hi Paul, if it is at all possible would you identify OSX compatibility with the lessons? If you could show us how to end up with a game that can be built for both iOS and OSX at the end that would be really awesome.


It’s a little more advanced, but I’ll make a note and see if it fits in this course, or my more advanced game course.

There’s a ton of topics that I want to cover and not enough days.


Please tell us more about the advanced games course!


I have a growing list of topics that are interesting, but my syllabus schedule is full.

I don’t have many specifics, but I’d like to talk more about working with artists, programmers, managing a creative project, and advanced topics (animation states, iOS/OSX, game prototyping, SceneKit, GLSL shaders, OpenGL, Metal, etc)