Tab Bar Icon Images not showing


I have been working through the Tab Bar Controllers section on the 31 days course and been trying to set up more view controllers as practice. I have set up a Tab Bar Controller with 5 view controllers linked (I set up cocoa touch view controller for each so they would each have a code file). What i am having a problem with is the Tab Bar Icon images as they are not showing. I have created 2 of the icons myself in Adobe Illustrator and created the png files in the 3 set sizes. I have added these to my assets folder (i selected copy) and the shape is showing but they don’t link with all colours and show as grey, not the colourful image i created… I searched stack overflow and google but am not finding anything that is remedying my issue. Has anyone else come across this? Or do I restart a new project and have another go?


Try and restart with a new test project to see if you can get it to work.

Can you post a screenshot, or link to a screen shot with the issue?


Hi Paul, I emailed you a cope of the project as requested in your email. Do you still want a screenshot here?


Thank you for all your help Paul. I am applying the tintcolor and unselectedtintcolor to the UserDefinedRuntimeAttributes with their associated colours to get it working.

I ended up removing all the images I designed and started again. I have downloaded free images to get me started and have images showing now. It obviously didnt like my own designs and I will add a task for a future project to do better icon images later down the line with something more eye catching.


It takes practice and iteration. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look good the first time. I’ll have to share some initial images of my game Bomb Dodge. It didn’t look pretty, but now it does: Bomb Dodge