Take the Auto Layout Quiz (iOS Auto Layout Interview Questions)


How much Auto Layout and iPhone UI design do you know?

The only way to improve is to understand what you don't know.

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I did the test for fun and I found some of the questions are opinionated and with custom keyword (not mentioned in Apple Official Documentation).

I always start designing layout with the smallest screen size (iPhone SE) whenever possible as expanding a layout is easier than shrinking/ wrap label to next line later on. I agree on iPhone 8 screen size is the most popular in the market but smaller/larger screen size have to be supported as well. I think this question is subjective opinion of the author.

Google search of “Structural view auto layout” returned your blog as the first result, because there is no other site mentioning what is “structural view” in auto layout context, not even Apple documentation.

Overall its a good quiz, I sounded salty in this comment haha.


Thanks for the feedback!

Yes structural view isn’t a topic you’d find in Apple’s Auto Layout documentation, because they really don’t talk about how to use it in practice.

You have to lookout a UI and determine what is supplemental and what is going to dictate the overall height and width.

Sometimes you might have components that will hide/show, and you may or may not want them contributing to the overall height or width.

I believe that this is one reason that people struggle with understanding Auto Layout, and have trouble getting it to do what they want.