UI Prototyping Tools - App Mockups


Here are great resources for designing your next apps appearance or even a virtual walkthrough.

  1. Pen and paper
  • My personal favorite for app designs
  • Get your ideas out of your head quickly
  • I use my imagination to “play” with the app sketch
  1. FluidUI
  1. Balsamiq


I backed this on kickstarter - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/appseed/appseed-turn-sketches-into-functioning-prototypes

Have not had any time so far to try it but I expect it might come in handy now that I am taking your courses.



Nice. Remind me of Pop.


Here is a nice one that is starting up: http://www.pixate.com

You can create your prototype and use their app to view your prototype live on your phone!



The web site says the base plan comes with 1GB of assets - be nice to see a list/view of what you have access to .


Has anybody tried Briefs?